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16 Things I Learned This Weekend (Feb. 3-5)

1. It is quite depressing when you lose an auction on eBay at the very last minute. Grrr!

2. It is thrilling to wake up to a second-chance offer email from the eBay seller that says they have one more of the item available if I still want it. (Heck yes!)

3. Parenthood is the best show on TV. Because it is on during life group and we don’t have cable, we were five episodes behind, but we are almost caught up now. Seriously great acting and story lines. (Which character are you?)

4. Family naps are the best, but it’s getting harder for the three of us to fit on the couch together.

5. Apparently I cry when I think about leaving my little girl at day care. And it’s quite exhausting.

6. Seven inches of snow is a lot. We’ve been spoiled so far this winter.

7. The USPS rocks for delivering packages in snow storms.

8. Our neighbors make cool, HUGE snowmen.

9. I’ve been focusing so much on how I’m going to transition into motherhood that I hadn’t really thought about the fact that Eric will have only one week off work to get to know our daughter and adjust to the new normal. It will be an interesting transition for both of us. We had a good discussion about it, though, and we need to keep talking about our fears and desires, and how it will affect our marriage and daily lives, especially our morning routine.

10. BangBang is delicious. But a little too expensive for a normal Williams date night.

11. Eric’s birthday is only one month away. Wow.

12. You can’t taste spinach in a smoothie.

13. The ability to watch church online is nice when you’re eight months pregnant, too tired to shower and the weather sucks.

14. It is more fun to do a baby’s laundry than my own.

15. Chips and queso is my greatest weakness.

16. This is really happening.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I actually really enjoyed it. What was your favorite commercial?


I love my husband, my kids and the Internet.

  1. Haha! I know its not the same, but my cousins and I used to curl up in bed with my grandparents for afternoon naps! We grew up in the Philippines where it was uber humid, and siestas (afternoon naps) are traditional. My grandparents would turn on the air conditioners in their bedroom, close the curtains so it was dark, and the four of us cousins would jump in with them. <3 Good times, good times.

  2. I went to the gym instead of watching the Super Bowl. I got home around half-time but had to cook myself dinner and start a CrockPot of turkey chili for meals next week. By the time I sat down to eat, we chose “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix.

  3. so crazy that we are only 30 miles north and didn’t even get 1 inch! i sure thought we were going to get a bunch, though when i saw the size of the flakes :) baby laundry is so cute!!

  4. Aww, I cried when we I thought about putting our first baby in daycare. It’s tough!

    I saw a couple funny commercials but didn’t pay attention too much. We had to stop watching at 9 so we could watch Downton Abbey (I am addicted to that show!).

  5. no surprise—–the M&M commercial was my favorite! :)

  6. as i have commented before on your blog, i cant get enough of parenthood! i also think it is the best show on tv.

    also, i thought staying away from “soft cheese” is like number 5 on the no no list and that queso is, in fact, a “soft cheese.” im not trying to call you out, i just would LOVE to know that it is not a big deal.

    • ahh, yes. here is an article about that:

      queso is my favorite food ever and i’ve had it almost weekly since getting pregnant. :)

      i think the only things i have cut out of my diet are alcohol, fish (because i don’t research enough about how much mercury it has, so i just avoid it altogether) and feta cheese. i rarely consumed those things, anyway. i have also cut down on my intake of lunch meat and caffeine.

      some people are more careful than i am, so i will definitely not encourage you to eat something if you’re not comfortable doing so!

  7. We found that after our kids were born, it worked best for my husband to go back to work on a Wed or Thurs–then only a few days until the weekend!

  8. You are too cute. I can’t wait to meet baby R.

  9. We watched the super bowl via DVR hours after the game ended. We didn’t see much (if any) live at our super bowl party, but of the commercials I did see, OK GO + Chevy was by far the most awesome. Wait…was that online only?

  10. parenthood IS the best.

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