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By Eric on April 30, 2011 2

Have you noticed that some people have a profile picture next to their comments on our posts and others just have a thought bubble?

The profile picture is pulled in using Gravatar. What does that mean? Is it some super hero that fights villans in a far-off galaxy? Nope. It stands for Globally Recognized Avatar, and it will help us put a face to your name if you comment!

This may seem like some work, but it’s worth it. And I’m sure you already have a profile picture for Facebook or Twitter, right? You can use the same one if you want.

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By Eric on April 29, 2011 8

To catch up on the rest of the story, go to our fairytale page.

It’s hard to know where to take the story from here. You’ve heard the struggle I went through to get her to date me, but from this point on me and Kels were like peas and carrots.


Sitting on the dock at Okoboji

After our first date–and Kels definitely wanting to be my girlfriend–she headed to Okoboji for the summer. (For those unfamiliar with Iowa, Okoboji is a beautiful clear water lake in Northwest Iowa–one of three bluewater lakes in the world–pretty much our only “resort” town.) Her grandparents have a house near the lake and their family spends time there in the summer. Kels was going to live there and work at Godfather’s for the summer. Her sister was also living there at the time working as a waitress and tutor.
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By Eric on April 28, 2011 27

Sometimes it’s fun to reflect on the rules that we have created for ourselves over the past five years. When we got married, we essentially started with a clean slate. As we discovered things that weren’t working, or that were, we would create a mutually agreed-upon rule and move forward.

House Rules
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By Eric on April 27, 2011 22

You may have noticed the photo in our sidebar with our names signed “Kels & Ric.” You may then have wondered, “What’s with the nicknames?” Or at least you may have wondered why Kels calls me Ric.

Let’s start with Kels: Kels is short for Kelsey. See how that works? Kelsey. Pretty self explanatory, right? Most of her friends and family call her Kels, and there really isn’t much more to it other than it’s the first syllable of her full name.

I like to make variations to this on occasion. I call her Kels-dog, KW (from Where the Wild Things Are), K-money, K-Dub, Kiki, Chelsey (which is what my dad says sometimes when he forgets my wife’s name…). I like to keep it fresh, ya know?
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