By Kelsey on April 11, 2012 20

A Day in the Life…of a New Mom

Yesterday I…

  • Replaced a pacifier a thousand times (I counted)
  • Cried to Eric out of fatigue and frustration
  • Didn’t shower
  • Wore ugly socks

  • Introduced Rooney to Needtobreathe (she loved it!)
  • Stared at the most gorgeous eyelashes I have ever seen
  • Went out for lunch with Heidi and Beckett


  • Listened to hours and hours of white noise
  • Gave six bottles
  • Changed five diapers (one smelly one that required four wipes)

  • Got out of the house by myself for a few minutes…to the grocery store
  • Was the lucky recipient of a beautiful, genuine baby smile
  • Gave an excessive number of kisses to chubby cheeks

  • Googled “cry it out” and “colic”
  • Received forgiveness from an amazing husband
  • Thanked the Lord for a sleeping baby
  • Prayed for energy and patience



I love my husband, my kids and the Internet.

  1. Much love to you, Kelsey! I appreciate how much work, and love, and patience are needed to be a mama. Cheering you on! x

  2. And you’ll repeat it all today! You’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing! Love you!

  3. What is your philosophy on crying it out?

    Keep up the good work, by the way. :) your daughter is so beautiful

    • we’re completely open to it (setting a timer for 5-10 minutes), once she gets to an appropriate age (which isn’t quite yet). she actually does a pretty great job already of soothing herself. we lay her down awake many nights and might just have to replace the pacifier a few times before she’s out. she’ll lay there awake and calm until her eyes get heavy.

      that said, there have been a few rough evenings where she is clean, fed and safe and yet she can’t seem to settle down. the other night we set a timer for 5 minutes and left her alone in her crib. she fell asleep and stayed asleep for 5 hours!

      • i’m glad to hear that she’s already good at self-soothing. =)

        also, i have had tons of part or full-time nannying/babysitting jobs, and let me tell you — your future babysitters will be very happy to know that you are not anti-cry-it-out. haha. there was a baby boy i watched this fall/winter (i just quit about a month ago) whose mom is a psychologist and i think she read too many studies for her own (or her baby’s) good. the baby is nearly a year old and they never let him cry, even for a minute. they never lay him in his crib while he’s still awake. and he only ever sleeps for about 2 hours at a time, STILL. he’s very adorable and smart, but incredibly whiny and at times very frustrating to watch. i think self-soothing is really important! obviously setting a timer is very important, as is making sure the baby is old enough…and never letting the baby get too worked up or upset is key. but dang. i know it’s unimaginably difficult to listen to your baby cry, even for a few minutes, but it’s also difficult to only get 2 hours of sleep at a time for a year. they hired me (paying me $15/hr!) to come to their house 3-4 mornings a week so the mom could get some sleep. i felt so bad for them.

        anyway, long rambling tangent! sorry about that. =) i’m happy you guys are posting again. i missed you while you were gone!

  4. i feel ya girl! i googled soo many things in the first few weeks of his life… cry it out, colic, sleeping through the night,etc.!

  5. I love how open you are to sharing. Fact is, so many people won’t open themselves up and it leads to more frustration. Because you open yourself up… I am going to throw this out there. ;)

    The colicky stuff might be from a sore tummy…? I have zero experience with formula but I do know that the milk proteins in formula can be difficult for a tiny tummy to digest. I have read a lot about people switching to soy protein based (or other) formulas and that has helped with the fussiness. If you aren’t done nursing and ever need a venting shoulder (or whatever), feel free to drop me a line. :)

    You are doing a fantastic job! Parenting is so hard. The hardest job in the world and nothing can or will prepare you for it better than the job itself. Congrats again! She is just gorgeous!

    • thanks, paige! i’m not convinced that she’s colicky, but i really had no idea what classified a baby as such. she does kind of fit the description, but it also seems like her evening fussiness is completely normal…

  6. I appreciate so much how real you guys are keeping things. (Especially referring to today’s and yesterday’s post.) I don’t have any kids yet and it’s just refreshing to read what it’s really like when you’re overwhelmed, tired, confused….and did I say tired?

    It’s what I thought having a baby would be like, but many new parents are only public with the “it’s so wonderful” points and keep quiet about the hard times. So thank you for helping paint a realistic picture about what the first few months could be like whenever I have kids of my own in the future!

  7. You are doing a great job kelsey! its an adjustment for all that’s for sure. I had 2 girls with sensitive tummies and once I figured that out it was smooth sailing from there. Both girls had to be burped every ounce and i mean every single ounce. If they weren’t they would projectile spit up or be super fussy because their tummy hurt. Once I started burping them every ounce it was much better! Also my girls LOVED the warm bath. That seemed to help them “get their gas out” if you know what I mean. Even if that meant a couple baths a day I did it. :-) Or I would lay them on the floor on their back and bend their knees up towards their tummy (thats kinda hard to explain but I am sure you know what I mean) and then stretch their legs out. That helped with “getting the gas out” too and they thought it was fun cause I would talk baby talk and giggle while we were stretching :-)

    Your honesty is empowering for a lot of women. Your blog is fantastic! :-)

  8. First off- congrats, Williams family! Little Rooney is the littlest sweetheart! All mama’s can relate to you on so many levels + and every day will/does get better once you start figuring out your little peanut. I wasn’t going to go back to work with my second but ended up doing so part-time…it did wonders for my emotional health. Like Eric said, routine is key…especially when you have little ones. I finally ended up putting up a chalkboard with an hour by hour evening routine and we all follow it- it includes 45 minutes for Dad to go work out or do whatever. { Eric will need this when Rooney is older and wants to go running with Dad in her heels and Snow White dress and Kelsey will let it happen because it means a little peace and quiet for her!} Anyway-it sound like Rooney has a belly similar to my 4 month old…Mila was on the same formula/breastfeeding/Dr. Brown bottles and would get fussy between 6-9pm. Little Tummy’s Gas Drops or Gripe Water would do the trick to calm her down and ease her to sleep. Might be worth a shot…I think the little digestive system is still improving and gives babes a little discomfort? Anyway, hugs to you and Eric as you continue on the crazy thrill of parenthood!

    Btw,I love reading your posts…they are honest, real and I take away something from each and every one of them. Its so weird how people can grow up in the same town but never really cross paths and now all I want to do is go grab coffee and come sit in your living room and talk for hours! { But leave the kids home with their dad! :)}

    • Tressa, thank you so much for your sweet comment! It is great to hear from you and it sounds like we could connect on so many levels if we lived closer! Luckily the Internet allows us to do it quite a bit anyway, though. :) Maybe we’ll run into you this summer?!

  9. Kels…
    You are an amazing mom already! Rooney is one lucky girl. I keep praying for you and know that each day will be easier and you will find the routine that works for all of you. Keep doing what you are doing. You are supported and loved by so many- we are here for you!

    And Tressa- I love you comment about growing up in the same town and once we grow up- our mindset changes. Can I come to coffee??

    Much love to the William family!

  10. Rooney’s Nana April 11, 2012 at 11:07 am

    I don’t think she has colic…..many babies have a “fussy time” in the evenings :)
    love you—-see you in 2 days!!

  11. No shower? You looked amazing!

    Beckett had the ‘witching hour’ in the evening. Thankfully he outgrew it fast.

    We haven’t had to let B cry it out but I’ve cried it out myself a couple times. ;)

    You’re an awesome mommy. So fun to see you in that role!

  12. Hang in there! Being a mom to a new born is the hardest job out there!

    My daughter went through a stage where she seemed to have colic, she would cry and fuss for 4-5 hours every.single.night. Sometimes nursing over and over and over. It was awful. When she finally slept, she stayed asleep a long time but it was rough getting there. It was at the worst stage when she was right around 6 weeks old. It slowly got better after that. It was not colic, according to the doctor.

    I would encourage you to research crying it out before you give it a try. Based on my reading, we decided not to let our daughter cry without us holding her until she was at least a year old. Babies that young want and need to be with their mother, even when crying. It was her only way of communicating and it was important to us to build trust that we were listening to her. It’s so difficult.

    Just my two cents : ) As with any advice, takes what works for you and leave the rest. You’re doing a great job. Your daughter knows she is SO loved!

  13. Hi, I came acroos your blog from Jess lc, and your day as you describe it is exactly as mine. I have a 6 weeks old baby, and i think my Matteo looks like your Rooney! Have a look for yourself over at my blog.
    I will be folliwing your mommy moves, good luck…
    p.s. I also googled colic!

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