We are Team Williams. An ordinary couple in Des Moines, Iowa, sharing real experiences in marriage, budgeting, parenting and faith. We tell our stories to bring hope and inspiration to others.


Eric About Page



The head of the family. Always thinking ahead. Super powers include: showing up on time, minivan packing and reaching the top shelf.


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Kelsey About Page



The heart of the family. Lives in the moment. Super powers include: asking good questions, being tough as nails and ordering things online at lighting speed.


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Rooney About Page



The youth of the family. Cautious and curious. Super powers include: bouncing off hard surfaces unharmed, coloring and building towers.


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A few more things you should know…

  • We believe in God.
  • We live in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa.
  • We drive a (used) minivan.
  • We love fashion.

Other Places We Hang Out

Family doodle drawing by our friend Linda.

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