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By Kelsey on March 28, 2014 5

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Exploring a new city is so much fun! Eric and I loved our weekend stay in Omaha a couple weeks ago for the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember conference (read Eric’s recap here). We had never been to Omaha besides flying out of there a couple times. When we visit a new city, we love to tentatively plan our meals before we go, and this time got a lot of great recommendations on our Facebook page, so thanks!

So here we go…the best food in Omaha according to two people who have only been there once for a very short weekend!

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By Kelsey on March 24, 2014 22

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I remember the exact moment we became “pacifier parents” (Rooney was less than a week old), and I would do it all over again even though she is now OBSESSED with her “dassy.” At this point it has saved us HOURS of crying, I’m sure of it.

But, like I said, she is obsessed. Her comfort items are her sleep sack and her paci. She asks for both IMMEDIATELY when I pick her up from daycare. She brings her paci in the bathtub. For a while we had it confined to the car and crib but at some point we lost control of that. I’m kind of embarrassed now when she has it in when we’re at the grocery store or at a restaurant.

Her dentist said to get rid of it by age 3, so we’ve got 11 months to lose it. I will say that she talks with it in and has advanced speech, so I don’t think it’s affected her in that way yet.

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By Kelsey on March 14, 2014 +


^^^ Rooney wanted to get some more “appa-sauce.” ^^^


^^^ Mama was out of Valentine’s candy. ^^^


^^^ Seriously, mom?! ^^^


^^^ Boom Chicka Pop samples! ^^^

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^^^ Let’s hope she’s this focused when she’s 16. ^^^

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^^^ In a sea of spray paint. ^^^


^^^ Grandma took this one…I’m told she wanted her 9-year-old cousin, Kaleb, to sit next to her, although you can’t tell from the photo. ^^^

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^^^ Bored outta her mind! ^^^

By Kelsey on March 10, 2014 10

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Rooney is 2! (I realize this is old news, but I’m still getting used to it.) We had such a great party last weekend. She especially loved the treats and opening gifts and hanging out with her cousins.

photo (2)

Tassel banner from The Flair Exchange; napkins from Mara Mi for Target

I’m not sure if I should admit this, but I’ve been planning this party for a long time. Like maybe six months? And by that I mean, I picked the theme last summer and have been gathering and pinning ideas since then. It was a no brainer when I realized she would be turning two on the 2nd. This is called a golden birthday and is very popular in the Midwest, so I went with golds and yellows for the decorations. Two months before her party, I started buying stuff, and that’s when it really came together.

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By Kelsey on March 5, 2014 +

…and the sexiest man alive!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.13.31 AM


Sorry to completely embarrass you…I couldn’t resist (big thanks to my friend Laura for the Photoshop help)!

It’s been so much fun to surprise you for the past five days. I hope your birthmonth has felt special so far. I can’t wait to run around Des Moines with you today eating BBQ and thrifting some cool stuff and buying house plants.

Gosh, we’re so old.

Welcome to 30!!!!!!!!

xo, Kelsey