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By Kelsey on March 3, 2014 5


Rooney, 24 Months

  • Loves to watch videos of herself
  • Rarely shows emotion, except to a select few who are closest to her
  • Doesn’t go far without her sleep sack in her hand
  • Went to the zoo and loved the fishes and rhino
  • No longer wants to sit in a high chair at home (prefers a booster seat or normal chair)
  • Can count to 10
  • Got a little potty seat and was interested in it for about 24 hours
  • Learned how to jump
  • Had her very first ice cream cone

IMG_6896 IMG_6888

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By Kelsey on February 28, 2014 +

Chasing God book

I’ve written about Angie Smith once before (after I saw her at Women of Faith a year and a half ago), which is how I’m assuming her PR team found our blog and contacted me to do this giveaway. She was my favorite speaker I’ve ever seen at Women of Faith.

I love Angie’s story. She’s had lots of ups and downs, from marrying the man of her dreams (lead singer of Selah), suffering a miscarriage, birthing identical twins, losing a baby a few hours after she was born, etc. She’s got four beautiful daughters here on earth and they’re such a lovely family.

I follow Angie on Twitter so I can continue to be inspired by her on a daily basis. Because I want to know not just what she would say when she gets up in front of thousands of people to speak, but what she would say/how she would react while watching the Olympics or when she gets stuck in a snowstorm on the interstate or when her flight gets delayed or when she runs into homeschooling problems. She’s real, and I love that she’s a Christian sister I can look to.

Anyway, Angie’s got lots of books out there, and her most recent is called Chasing God.

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By Kelsey on February 17, 2014 4


Last Thursday night, at 8:38 pm, I found out my brother had no active cancer in his body. He is a survivor. At the time, he was still on the surgery table being stitched up, and I couldn’t wait for him to wait up and hear the news.

It’s been a long six months. For a while there, we heard nothing but bad news. First, there was a mass it was most likely cancerous. Then, it was definitely cancerous but it might not have spread. Then, we found it had spread, but we didn’t know how much.

He has worked so hard to kill this cancer. After almost 20 chemo treatments in nine weeks, two surgeries, numerous shots and countless days of feeling sick, he is done. For all those nights he spent throwing up and wondering if it was worth it…he no longer has to wonder. It worked.

The day before Halloween last year, I took him to his 10th chemotherapy appointment. He was halfway through his treatment and it was quite the humbling experience for me. Did you know the nurses have to wear a special gown and hat before they touch the chemo IV bags? It is a chemical you can’t get on your skin, but they were pumping it through my brother’s body. It was very difficult for me to watch this go on, and to see the other patients and their families coming and going. We sat there for three hours, eating Taco John’s and waiting for the medicine to drip in. I drove home that night and realized my brother had done this for several days already and he had to go back the next day to do it again. And not only that, but he often got sick in the evenings between treatments. I can’t imagine the strength it must have taken.

Not only for him, but also his girlfriend and their baby, Carson. If Carson was sick, my brother couldn’t be around him, because his immune system was obviously compromised. This meant Liz had to watch him by herself or find someone else to watch him while she went to work. In the past 16 months they have had a baby, bought a house, found out he had cancer, had two surgeries, completed a very aggressive round of chemotherapy, and found out they have another baby on the way. It has been a ride. Now the focus is on recovery for the next 6-8 weeks until their daughter is born! (After that, I hope they can relax a little.)

Six months ago I didn’t know much about cancer. It has brought our family closer together than I could have imagined and I do not wish it upon anyone, but it did give God a chance to show off. Praises.

By Kelsey on February 5, 2014 7


Rooney, 23 Months

  • Gives knuckles
  • Loves brushing her teeth (AKA sucking the water off her toothbrush)
  • Has never had a time out (there was one time I thought about it for a half second, but she shaped up)
  • Tried to kiss the only boy at her day care (again)
  • Ate my deodorant and lip balm
  • Is obsessed with all her cousins
  • Loves candy hearts (I ate so many when she was in the womb, it makes sense)
  • Loves to help with chores (and is legitimately helpful when unloading the dishwasher)
  • Says please and thank you with nearly every phrase
  • Tasted her first Oreo

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By Kelsey on February 3, 2014 4

Five years ago we took a class called Financial Peace University.

Three years ago we became debt-free.

One year ago we completed our 6-month emergency fund.

Last week we got to share our story on our favorite local news station. Click here to check it out.

WHO channel 13 debt story Words of Williams

So excited to see what the future holds!


P.S. Remember that one time we were on the cover of USA Today?