By Kelsey on June 16, 2012 19

Baby Fever

Seriously. Why do I want another baby so darn bad?

I think about it every day. More than once. Kind of, constantly.

Eric doesn’t even want to talk about it.

Someone! Talk us in or talk us out.


P.S. Yes, I’d like to skip the first two terribly hard months, but I’m really loving this 3-4 month stage. Is this normal? Not normal? Will it go away???

I just can’t get enough of Rooney!


I’d be remiss to not mention:

  1. She has been a fairly easy baby. She sleeps and eats very well. And she has only had one minor cold — no other sicknesses.
  2. I’ve always felt that I have a lot of love to give.
  3. My dream of having a big family is coming back!

Maybe I just need to spend more time with the baby I have??? Bah!



I love my husband, my kids and the Internet.

  1. If you think Rooney is fun now, just wait! It just keeps getting so much better!

    I can honestly say that I haven’t thought about another baby until recently (my son is 9 months old), but I’ve had a pretty rough transition into motherhood. Even then, another baby still isn’t in the cards for us in the near future, I just like thinking of the idea of it. I think everyone just takes it at their own pace! :)

  2. I had baby fever around that same time; I think we started trying when he was 10 months and finally got pregnant when he was 15 months.

    That being said, my cousin’s kids are exactly 12 months apart.

    I love that my kids are best friends. Yes, it will be crazy until the first one hits 3 or 4. It is also so much fun!

    Daycare was the one reason we held off. Luckily when I talked to our daycare lady she was willing to give a discount on 2 kids. The biggest issue we have with putting 2 in a daycare center. Since I’m unemployed we’ve been able to go the cheaper route with morning preschools, but they are at the point where they need curriculum and structure and when info back the place we are looking at is $375/wk for a 2 year old and a 4 year old. That’s certainly not the most expensive place either.

  3. The best stages are yet to come and having a baby right now (and going through those same hard transitions in the first two months) might prevent you from enjoying the 6-18 month stage that really is amazing!
    I had two from the get-go and that was crazy busy…..sadly, I don’t remember much of anything from their first year :( I vote for spacing them out a little more, but that’s just me :)

  4. Here are my two cents:

    I agree with the previous post, Roo is adorable now and she will be even more adorable and fun as she gets older. I met a mom recently with a 4 and 5 year old and she wistfully, commented that she felt like she missed the elder’s toddlerhood when she saw how much fun we were having with our toddler.

    My daughter was also a fabulous sleeper; I hesitated to even tell people how much sleep I was getting, it just felt so scandalous! I was very sensitive to moms with babies that didn’t sleep. And then my daughter started teething around 7 or 8 months and she stopped sleeping so well. She was up every 2 hours, restless, would not go to sleep, it was awful. She also started getting sick more often (putting more toys in her mouth) and it was miserable – sleep wise. Now at 20 months, we are getting back into some good sleep patterns. So I would hold off declaring Rooney an “easy baby” until she’s got all her teeth :).

    My other thought is from a biological standpoint, in my experience as a breastfeeding mother, my body didn’t start ovulating until 18 months after my daughter was born. Every body is different, but I know mine was not ready for another after only 3-4 months. I am only now starting to feel ready to even think about having another child. We’re thinking 3-5 years apart in age would be OK.

  5. I probably started to think about another one around the time my son was 3-4 months old, but it was more just a nice thought. He was an easy baby too, and while sleep got rough around the 6-9 month period, it wasn’t terrible awful. I’ve always felt that 2 years spacing was good, which probably comes from the fact my brother, sister, and I were all 2 years apart. I felt like I played more and was friends more with my siblings than the friends I knew who had siblings 3 or 4 years apart. I also didn’t want my son to get too used to being an only child, since we definitely knew we wanted more. Plus, I was 29 when I had him, so since we want maybe 3-4, I didn’t want to space too far and be past 35 or so and pregnant. Anyway, since I was breastfeeding, my cycles didn’t return until he was 14 months and then we got pregnant right away, not even really “trying”, just not preventing. My son will be 23 months when this baby is born, and I think it will be good.

  6. My son is six weeks now, but I’m right there with you… I want another baby. Not right now, because we have a lot of learning and growing to do with this little one, but I think it’s normal to look down and think “I can do this…again.”

    I mentioned this to my husband and he definitely can imagine another little one in the future, he did point out that since I’m breastfeeding it takes nine months after you stop for your body to reset and create the healthy colostrum for baby number two. Just something to think about.

  7. My son is 7 months old, and me and my Husband are definitely going to start trying for our next very soon. Maybe in a month or 2. Me and my siblings are all 4 or more years apart in age, and like strangers to each other. My Husband and his siblings are very close in age and are best friends, they talk daily and are so close. I want so much for my children to have that close bond from growing up together, that’s how we decided to have more children so soon. Luckily my husband makes enough so that I can stay at home and not pay an arm and a leg for daycare. But I would suggest having another child soon, if you can stay home from work after.

    • Haha, my hubs asked me on the drive home from the hospital what my thoughts were on having #2. We literally hadn’t even made it home with our first! I think what you’re feeling is completely normal…especially if you’ve ever had dreams of a big family. I’ve had baby fever since Brynn was about 5 months and, let’s call it, “want to go back to being pregnant” fever since maybe 2 months. We would love a large family and I often find myself feeling like our family is not yet complete and some littles are missing. I will add that Brynn started out in this world as a very fussy munchkin (mostly due to breastfeeding issues that did not work themselves out until starting food) and I still longed for the next one. We had a hard time getting pregnant, so I also will have a sense of uneasiness until #2 comes to be. Not sure if you experienced anything similar, but I think what you’re feeling is completely natural. :)

  8. Danielle Stenz June 17, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    I think the hardest things we go through in life end up being the most rewarding and fulfilling. Becoming a parent plus fighting and beating PPD makes us come out on the otherside soooo grateful and thankful for the awesome but extremely difficult challenge of motherhood. When u get through that and feel like you have got the hang of things it’s easy to think…..’lets do this again!’ ‘I CAN do this and I LOVE this!’. I dont think what u r feeling is abnormal at all. Im right there with ya girl! :)

  9. I had 3 kids my first 4 years of marriage. None were planned. (my husband and I were 28 when we had the 3rd) We definitely love our loud house and I’m able to stay home, but I think that it’s important to love each baby for who they are and know that it’s not another one that will bring you happiness. So often we are out and people see our young family and say “Oh I wish that we had what you had … we would kill for that” etc etc but there were A LOT of sacrifices (and guilt!) that no one sees. My first 2 were 15 months apart and my #2 and #3 were 21 months apart. I definitely think that the 21 months was much more ideal. :-)

    • Good point, Abby! I’ve decided to just try to slow down and enjoy Rooney as the gift from God that she is, and keep learning as I go — knowing that our next child will likely be different from her and completely change our family again!

  10. Just saw this post! We knew we wanted our kids close together in age, but Aiden came as a bit of a surprise. :) Asher was not quite 17 months when Aiden was born and it was definitely hard to manage them both. That being said, I love that they’re close in age! They’re starting to play together, and hearing them make each other laugh is THE best feeling ever. You might want to make it through winter with little Rooney and see how you feel – just because those are the sick times especially at daycare. We haven’t been able to avoid the stomach flu yet! You’ll know when it’s time, and even if you don’t you’ll never regret having that second one. :)

  11. i have no idea because i dont have the one in my arms yet, but this post made me smile.

  12. Luna is a month old now and Evan and I are kind of in the “do we want more kids? NOT anytime soon!” phase. I wouldn’t describe Luna as an easy baby so far because she doesn’t have much happy awake time! Eating, sleeping or crying. Maybe 20 nice minutes total of calm/happy time. I hope she will get more fun as she gets to the age Rooney is now because it would make me sad to not want more. I enjoy having siblings and I would not want Luna to have to be an only child! But it’s hard to imagine caring for a newborn and a toddler at the same time – yikes – how to people manage that??!

    • oh, i was SO there! i mean, i had postpartum depression! bad! the night rooney was born, i told eric we were adopting the rest of our kids. :) i believe luna will bring you so much JOY in the next few months and you will start to think about more. hoping things are well and eager to hear more about your transition to motherhood!

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