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By Eric on December 2, 2014 12

Let’s get right to it… We’re having another baby! This will be baby #2 in the Williams house, and I couldn’t be more joyful. Despite the nervousness, and anxiousness that comes with the unknowns of pregnancy, birth, newborns, and lack of sleep, I’m really excited.


Kelsey is currently 12 weeks pregnant with a due date of June 11. We’ve officially named the bun in the oven “June Bug” until we know the gender, and decide on a name.

And for the record, I don’t remember thinking of baby names being so cumbersome the first time around. We’re seriously struggling coming up with names either of us like…

We’ve kept the secret for the past 8 weeks from Rooney, but we’ve asked her suspicious questions like: Rooney, what do you think about having a baby brother or sister? “Yeah! A girl brother!!”

But, we did sit down the other night to tell Rooney what was going on and captured it on video.

We then explained why mommy hasn’t been feeling well, and sleeping more than ever. All in all Kelsey is doing great, except for feeling hungry, but not knowing what she is hungry for, which has thrown our food budget for a loop. Note to self… don’t cut the food budget during the first trimester of your wife’s pregnancy.

What baby names are on top of your list these days? boys and girl names…

P.S. Here is the video from when we announced we were pregnant the first time. And Rooney’s arrival.


By Kelsey on January 20, 2014 6


I definitely thought parenting would be a little more black and white than it is. There are some things about parenting that just make me shake my head!

Parenting Mysteries

  • They always seem to poop right after you change their diaper. What? Why?
  • To where do all the pacifiers disappear? Why at 21 months of age was I still buying pacifiers? Where have they gone?!!!
  • That ONE DAY you plan a lunch date, your baby will take an epic long nap. Happens every time!
  • When you put them to bed later, and they wake up earlier.
  • When you put them to bed earlier, and they sleep longer.
  • You can be SO ready for them to go to bed, and then miss them 15 minutes later.
  • The hardest parts of parenting Rooney is because she is so much like me, which I would have thought would make it easier.
  • One day they love macaroni and cheese and the next day they will hate it.
  • Breastfeeding is so natural yet feels so darn difficult and unnatural (at least for us).
  • They say no but they really mean yes.
  • The days feel so darn long, yet the years go by so fast…

Parenting is such a science experiment. Do you agree? I want to hear what about parenting has been mind-blowing for you!

By Kelsey on October 25, 2013 29

I did not have an epidural with Rooney’s birth. A lot of women ask me about it (especially the pregnant ones :) ), and after lots of discussion, I think having a quick birth is one of the best ways to avoid an epidural (if that’s your goal). Of course, a quick labor is not something you can always control.

I promise I’m not a jerk about avoiding pain meds. It was something I’ve wanted to do since my cousin told me about her water birth like eight years ago. I thought it sounded like the coolest thing! I’ve also never liked taking medication (I rarely take pain medication when I have a headache), so it just seemed like that would be my story. Some people run marathons…natural childbirth is my extreme sport.

IMG_8783copy copy

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By Kelsey on August 20, 2013 114

photo 4

We’ve talked a little about vaccines here and there, but never in a full, dedicated post. I’ve gotten a request to write one, and even though I initially shuttered at the idea, I decided to go ahead and do it. I hope this can be a respectful conversation.

Before Rooney was born, I didn’t research vaccinations at all. I just assumed we would vaccinate, because we both were vaccinated as children. I remember shortly after Rooney was born the nurse asked us if we wanted her to have her first dose of the Hepatitis B  vaccine. I shrugged and said sure, assuming it couldn’t hurt and if they thought it was necessary (or at least wise), then we would go ahead with it. We also both got the Tdap vaccine when Roo was 1 week old to protect her from whopping cough since babies don’t get the first dose of the DTaP vaccine until they are 2 months old (and whopping cough was going around the winter she was born).

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