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By Eric on April 16, 2014 5

You may have noticed some subtle changes to the design of WoW over the past few weeks. Or you may have seen a leak of our new About page (Kelsey was so excited she couldn’t help but tweet about it).

A couple weeks ago, I asked my good friend Jason Bradley come over to help migrate our site to a new theme, Lean Theme. The theme we used to use (Standard) was no longer supported, and there have been some areas of the site that I’ve wanted to update for a while, but couldn’t due to functionality and lack of Web development skills.

Which is why I was super pumped when Jason came out with his own theme. It had the features, function, and flexibility that we needed to give Words of Williams a facelift and a sport coat.

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By Eric on January 13, 2014 +

Today we’re taking a step back to answer some general questions about the site.

2013 Reader Survey - Words of Williams

A few months ago (how quickly time flies) we posted a reader survey. We’re constantly trying to improve the content we post on Words of Williams and getting some insight into what’s important to you all helps us greatly in our endeavors. Thank you!

Sorry this took so long, but we’d like to answer some questions and point out a few resources that might help navigating the site a little easier. We likely look at our site more than anyone and sometimes what makes sense to us doesn’t always translate to the reader as effectively as possible. So, we hope to spell it all out here so that we’re all on the same page.

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By Eric on December 31, 2013 4

As the year comes to a close, we’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support. It takes an awful lot of work for us to keep this site going, and it’s because of the community that we keep going.

It’s always interesting to me to see which posts have gotten the most views throughout the year. Blog statistics are not everything, but they sure are interesting. We’ve seen some generosity from the Google gods, Pinterest and some generous blogging friends this year, which might explain why a few of the posts ended up in the top 10 for the year.

Most Viewed Posts of 2013

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