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By Eric on February 24, 2015 +

Prosperity – To thrive or succeed in any given goal or desired objective.

I recently listened to this audio book at the recommendation from a friend. The title is intriguing isn’t it? 

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity is a book about uncovering the desires of your heart and giving them over to God in a way that allows for prosperity to flow through you.

When I first started reading the book, I’ll admit, I had some doubts about the content. It came off as a “wish upon a star” sort of thing (more on this below).

It’s something I struggle with… putting God in a box and thinking “too small.” The author, Catherine Ponder, calls this a poverty mindset. You know… lacking hope for a better future, or that things will always be the way they are, or that I don’t deserve to be happy and prosperous.

But, our God is so much bigger than that, he created the universe and has authority and dominion over it. And, he’s our heavenly Father, we’re created in his image, and we are heirs to his kingdom. What good Father doesn’t want to give good gifts to his children?

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By Eric on December 9, 2014 6

I knew striking out into the world of self-employment would be tough. It’s been tough, but what seems to be troubling me and my family the most over the past few months is the continual stream of cash that is leaving our pockets for things that keep breaking.

In budget terms, these are the things we save for on a monthly basis, but don’t really like spending money on.

Like car repairs and house repairs. Let’s just start there for example…

In the past three months we’ve had a terrible series of unfortunate events that have kept us busy just trying to solve problems and fix broken things. So, many that I’m convinced someone is playing a joke on us.

First was the car…

As I mentioned in “The Price You Pay to Drive,” cars break down. I know this. We save for this. But, it was working so well for so long, I guess I took for granted what “reliable” transportation was.

Fixing the Car

On a Friday evening after work, I went to start the car, and it refused to do so. After some tinkering, and jumping it, I convinced it (prayer) to start and managed to drive it home where it sat for a week while I tried to fix the problem (thanks Google, and Dad for all the assistance). It wouldn’t start at all after I got it home that night.

The total to get the car running was $272.30. But, the problem seemed fixed and the car was restored to working/reliable condition.

Until about a week later and a totally unrelated issue poked it’s head up… Overheating… OK, no big deal, filled the car with coolant ($7.80). I checked a few other things to make sure it wasn’t something more serious, but couldn’t find anything… (we’ll come back to the car later).

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By Eric on October 30, 2014 2

I want to follow up to my post from last week The Price You Pay to Drive, because first of all… I got the car running again. After sitting in the garage for exactly one week, Humpty Dumpty was put back together again and rolling down the road.

Not only that, but last Friday I managed to also fix our dryer for less than $20. After talking with a local appliance repair shop, they diagnosed it over the phone, I took the old thermal fuse (apparently a common problem with dryers not running) in to be tested which confirmed the issue, replaced the teeny tiny 2″ part, said a quick prayer as I plugged in the dryer, and it fired right up. Hallelujah!

Perspective through Inconvenience

So the week that shall forever be known as the week of “inconvenience” in our house, was culminated with both major inconveniences being restored, our first world problems solved, and a satisfying bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.


It was an amazing week of perspective for us as a family, but specifically for me in particular. So I wanted to share the insights I’ve learned through this week of inconvenience.

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By Eric on August 28, 2014 8

It’s been a busy summer for sure. A summer unlike any other for the Williams family. After Kelsey created a summer bucket list, we’ve been slowly but surely checking them off. It’s been fantastic, and I’ll say that summer with a 2-year-old is amazing (and challenging… but mostly amazing)!

Aside from checking off the summer bucket list, we’ve been working toward a big transition. As of tomorrow, I’m leaving my current job and partnering up with another Financial Coach and joining his established business (Strong Tower Consulting) to help individuals, families, and businesses see the bigger picture when it comes to their finances, through teaching, direction and accountability.

The Beginning of the End

It all started after being featured on the local news. We have known Justin Bennett for a few years, and Kelsey and I met with him twice as a financial coach to help us figure out a few things, and we had a great experience. I’ve also chatted with him a few times over the years trying to figure out how to work together in an online sense, but the timing never really seemed to be right.

But, after being featured on the news, they asked if we new any professionals they could interview and we gave them Justin’s number. After the news aired, Justin and I got together once again to catch up.

We wanted to try to do a podcast or webinar together, but that’s when the conversation went down a different road. I told him I was thinking of getting into financial coaching. Essentially we would be competitors, although while he has been working with a lot of local, Des Moines-area folks over the past four years, my focus is finding a way to best help this community online. Continue Reading…

By Eric on August 14, 2014 8

Last Friday I was reminded in three different ways that being a dad is awesome. First at the Men’s bible study. Second, was when Kelsey sent me a video about “How to Dad” (video below). And, Third was a blog post on Design for Minikind by Erin Loechner about a day in the life of a dad.

Being a dad…a noble calling of which we have a massive responsibility. The tasks are endless, the work never ends, and sometimes the rewards are hard to see. Take heart fellas and enjoy the awesomeness that is being a dad.

Because there will be days of craziness, and if you’re living in toddlerville like we are right now, you might even have a day like we had Tuesday. The morning started with a huge tantrum, and the evening ended with a trip to Noodles of which Rooney took one bite and then screamed at the top of her lungs. It seemed like it might of been hot or spicy, but it was neither. So, we boxed up our meals and went home. And…we’re still not sure what was wrong with her, but she kept whimpering all evening, and wouldn’t eat or drink anything.

In those moments we feel helpless. This parenting stuff is hard. But, for every day like we had on Tuesday, there are probably 100 awesome days. If this sounds like a roller coaster… that’s because it is one…

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