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By Eric on June 26, 2014 5

I’ve had many great coaches throughout my life, mostly on the athletic field. Coaches who encouraged, motivated, challenged, and taught me how to be the best that I could be in the respective sport, or classroom. I’ve also had a few bad coaches whose styles gained them no respect.

If you’ve had a great teacher, mentor or coach that’s helped you do something you couldn’t otherwise have done on your own, you know the importance of having someone take the time to show you how to do something, teach you something you don’t know, and share wisdom and insights to propel you toward your goals.

Since starting cleaning up our own financial mess, and figuring this personal finance stuff out, I’ve wanted to accomplish two things with what I’ve learned…

  1. Be a good steward of the gifts I’ve been given.
  2. Help others do the same.

While not perfect in either of these things, I’ve definitely found a passion that hasn’t gone away. I’ve been writing about personal finance tips among many other things that are important to me for years now.

So, I finally went to Nashville and got some world class training from Dave Ramsey’s team. And while I was there, I got to meet some other awesome people with a similar mission as me and even got to meet Dave Ramsey himself!


Having a plan, and working toward good stewardship of our finances has done so much for our marriage, family, and future, and has provided a freedom that I can’t help but share with others.

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By Eric on June 12, 2014 11

On Monday night, I was packing and getting ready to fly to Nashville to go through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Series. I’ve been excited about this trip for a few months. Everything seemed to be in order, but I felt this nagging anxiety about the trip and concluded it was because I was leaving my family behind at home and traveling out of state for the first time without them.

I was excited about the training (which has been phenomenal, by the way) but I was sad that Kelsey had to carry the burden of parenting solo while I was away for four nights, and we were making a significant financial commitment to going through this process and I felt some pressure to make the most of the time away.

Needless to say, I tossed and turned most of the night, anxious and excited about getting to Nashville for the 2:00 pm start of the training. And my heart sank as I finally rolled out of bed at 4:45 am for my 7:00 am flight to find out the flight had been cancelled. And their suggested alternative got me into Nashville at 9:00 pm, meaning I would miss the entire first day of training. Gulp.

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By Eric on April 1, 2014 10

God’s love is unconditional. And for many years I don’t think I knew what that meant. But now I know.

I know because I have a daughter. And while I’m not sure I can say that I had this unconditional love feeling from day one, I know that I have it now.


I know because she’s 2. And she does toddler things, like pushes me away when I try to hug her and kiss her. She says “No, daddy,” as she hits me. And currently her favorite person on earth is mommy. When I say that I can help her put her shoes on, she says, “No, mommy do it!”

And this hurts my feelings on the inside. It makes me sad that Rooney won’t let me help her, and it makes me sad to see Kelsey exhausted having to do nearly everything for a clingy little girl.

But as she pushes and screams and hits me, day after day and time after time, I feel God whispering to me, “See, that’s unconditional love.” She does those things to me, and I sit back and think to myself… You won’t win. You’ll never do anything to make me love you any less. My love for you is not based on the conditions with which you treat me.

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By Kelsey on February 28, 2014 +

Chasing God book

I’ve written about Angie Smith once before (after I saw her at Women of Faith a year and a half ago), which is how I’m assuming her PR team found our blog and contacted me to do this giveaway. She was my favorite speaker I’ve ever seen at Women of Faith.

I love Angie’s story. She’s had lots of ups and downs, from marrying the man of her dreams (lead singer of Selah), suffering a miscarriage, birthing identical twins, losing a baby a few hours after she was born, etc. She’s got four beautiful daughters here on earth and they’re such a lovely family.

I follow Angie on Twitter so I can continue to be inspired by her on a daily basis. Because I want to know not just what she would say when she gets up in front of thousands of people to speak, but what she would say/how she would react while watching the Olympics or when she gets stuck in a snowstorm on the interstate or when her flight gets delayed or when she runs into homeschooling problems. She’s real, and I love that she’s a Christian sister I can look to.

Anyway, Angie’s got lots of books out there, and her most recent is called Chasing God.

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By Eric on February 26, 2014 2

Whoa. In one week I will join Kelsey and enter my 30s. I’m not scared per se, but rather, I’ve just been thinking about what it will mean to be 30. I don’t put a lot of emphasis on milestone birthdays, and I think it kind of silly to think things will change between March 4 and March 5 when I am 29 and 30 respectively.

But, as the day approaches, I’ve just been trying to both dig back into my 20s and look forward to my 30s. To both remember and be grateful for what I’ve been given, learn from the past and dream about the next decade of my life. I’m not sure anything truly meaningful will come out of this post for you (or me), but here is a list of 10 big things that happened in my 20s and 10 things I hope to accomplish in my 30s.


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