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By Kelsey on November 26, 2012 15


I’ve probably eaten more Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in my 29 years than anyone else on the planet. So this is not a post where I brag about how much better I eat than you (because I don’t!). My favorite is the shapes box, and Eric loves the spirals.

Well, turns out this isn’t such a great thing to eat. I was kind of devastated when I realized this, so I’ll let it soak in a while…

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By Kelsey on November 14, 2012 22

quoteAlison says: This [Food Is Fuel] post seems to contradict your budget minded philosphies. Whole Food’s prices are astronomical, the formula you posted is $102 and paying for a wellness coach seems like a huge luxury. I understand prioritizing to meet the costs of more wholesome living, but I’m curious to know if you could talk about what you’re giving up (if anything) to accommodate these extra costs?

hexline 622

Great question! Being budget-minded is what allows us to do this! We (obviously) still live on a budget – we just watch our food spending a little closer, and put a little more in that category now. We bumped up our food spending from $100/week to $110/week. We did this because some weeks we were going over, and some weeks it would just be really tight. So we added $10/week to ease the stress.

What have we given up? Money that could be going to emergency savings each month. But we still save a large amount each month (7.3% of our take-home income). Spending an extra $10/week (or $44/month) on food isn’t a huge deal to us at this point in our lives. Four years ago, it was a different story. This wasn’t possible – or a priority – for us at that point. We simply had too much debt and too big of a house payment to make it work.

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By Guest on November 2, 2012 3

Kelly Alberts 4 Meal Planning Tips

Hi, I’m Kelly Alberts and I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my husband, Joel. I work with middle school students during the day and follow cool people on their blogs in my free time. I love reading, cooking, writing, and traveling with my husband. Read more of my ramblings at Philadelphia Filly.

Meal planning is one of my favorite ways to stick to a budget. I find a ton of joy in thinking through what we have in our kitchen, listing what I need, and purchasing food to make creative, healthy meals.

My husband Joel and I have always been conscientious of our money, but because I lost my job this past June, I’ve recently become even more aware (and even more frugal!). Planning 6-7 meals a week takes time and effort, but is truly rewarding. Not only are our meals full of good stuff, they’re much less expensive than eating out regularly!

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By Eric on September 25, 2012 6

Have you ever had trouble making such a simple decision as what to order for supper? We struggle with this pretty much on a weekly basis. When our food budget allows for us to splurge and order in, it often takes us a good amount of time to decide what we will order.

What's for dinner

The possibilities are pretty much endless, yet it seems that we get lost in the sea of the options. When one of us does happen to have a craving, the other usually does, too – and it’s rarely the same place.


Last week we were in such a predicament in which both of us had a couple options we were campaigning for, and when the debate came to standoff, I suggested a fun way to make the decision.

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