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By Kelsey on April 29, 2013 1
  1. A husband who is good at making decisions when I’m not.
  2. Forgiveness when I leave the entire (full) carton of Rooney’s milk on the counter all afternoon.
  3. The Honest Company for their work toward creating safe, natural products for the whole family. I’m personally not a huge fan of their diapers, but we have their lotion, bug spray, sunscreen, fruit/veggie spray, healing balm, etc.
  4. Crazy sales at Kohl’s (I spent $7 and saved $71!).
  5. A husband who holds my hair back when I get sick.
  6. Little kids at day care who call me “Rooney’s mom.”
  7. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who saves me from my sin.
  8. Baby swings at the park.
  9. The Des Moines Farmer’s Market, which starts this weekend!
  10. Access to stores that sell organic dairy, seeds, fruits and vegetables.
  11. Online shopping.
  12. Oxyclean.
  13. 75-degree spring days!
  14. Family walks with the stroller.
  15. Baby giggles.
  16. Selling our iMac.
  17. Minivans with automatic doors.
  18. My Nurse free health line.
  19. Pinterest.
  20. Police who risk their lives to save others.
  21. The “TV input” legend my husband made for me and taped to our remote.
  22. Antiquing finds!
  23. A free world globe to add to our new collection.
  24. A husband who works hard.
  25. Jean jackets.
  26. Succulents.
  27. A husband who clips baby fingernails.
  28. Living only 40 minutes from my sister.
  29. Free Redbox rental codes.
  30. Wheel of Fortune.
By Kelsey on April 12, 2013 8

What is it about babies in shopping carts that is so dang cute? I seem to think it’s the most adorable thing ever by the amount of photos I’ve taken of Rooney.

I think my favorite photo is her first-ever ride when she was 6 months old (she was so proud!), but that last one is a gem, too!

photo 5

photo 1

photo 4


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By Kelsey on March 31, 2013 2

We took Roo to the park today with nana and papa (my parents). Here’s what I learned:

  • Baby swings are awesome.
  • We’re not so sure about slides yet.
  • Having a 12-month-old is the funnest thing ever.

We managed to take 120 photos in less than 10 minutes. Here’s a few to start your week!




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By Kelsey on March 29, 2013 3
  1. Friends who offer (free) babysitting services so I could surprise Eric with a real date night out for his birthday!
  2. The opportunity to visit and stay with gracious friends in Minneapolis.
  3. My new pretty bike!
  4. That Rooney has so many grandparents and family who love her.
  5. That I have not been stressed or overwhelmed lately with little things.
  6. Ikea for their affordable, beautiful furniture!
  7. A new vanity area to get ready at.
  8. Nonsmoking in restaurants and other public places.
  9. That we don’t have any pets. :)
  10. The opportunity to do what I love (write and edit) for the largest ELCA church in the nation. It is an honor to do God’s work!
  11. Diaper changing stations in men’s bathrooms so I am not always responsible for her diapers in public.
  12. A husband who willingly takes care of his daughter.
  13. Plastic Jungle for buying a gift card that I was not going to use.
  14. The socialization Rooney gets at day care.
  15. A pay raise at work.
  16. A short commute to work (9 minutes) on very low-traffic roads.
  17. A husband who fills my vehicle with gas.
  18. A husband who cuts up the veggies.
  19. K-LOVE radio.
  20. Sunshine and no wind, making cold days a bit warmer.
  21. Spotify.
  22. Wholly Guacamole.
  23. Fooducate.
  24. An unexpected gift of cash.
  25. The ministry of our head pastor.
  26. An understanding couple who is gracious and kind after we backed out of photographing their wedding.
  27. A forgiving husband when I went overbudget on Rooney’s first birthday party.
  28. The opportunity to hear Simon Estes sing (twice).
  29. The safe delivery of my friend’s twin boys at 38 weeks.
  30. Modern medicine and technology.
  31. A night out with the gals while Eric stays home with Roo.
More Thankfulness
By Eric on March 27, 2013 7

Our good friends Justin and Brenna have a sweet baby girl named Ivory. She goes to day care with Rooney. We love this photo that Justin took a couple weeks ago! He walked in to the nursery and put Ivory in her crib (they have plexiglass on the sides). Rooney crawled over to see her friend. Justin, a quick draw, caught all the action…

Photo Mar 25, 8 38 51 PM

Caption, please!