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Great Video for Parents: 5 Words Babies Use

The other day one of our readers, Helena, left us a comment with a link to a segment on Oprah. It’s an amazing story of how a woman discovered five words that babies use to tell us what they need. It’s pretty long, but worth it if you’re a parent and have trouble knowing what your baby’s cries mean.

If the video isn’t showing up, click here.

As new parents of a 10-week-old, we found this video to be extremely helpful and can’t wait to start to learn Rooney’s cries and eliminate the guessing game of what might be wrong with her. You can also buy her DVD, Dunstan Baby Language — Learn the universal language of newborn babies.



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  1. I have seen this segment before, though I can’t remember if it was when the twins were little or when Mylie was born. It’s really amazing and helps you tune into what your baby wants. I don’t feel that I ever really knew with the twins….that’s just a whole different ball game. However, I feel that I definitely knew more about what Mylie really needed when she cried. I also think it’s important to pay attention to cries when babies wake up in the night. If they are in pain or something from teething, it’s a different cry from when they are hungry, and again different from when they are just awake and rolling over. I hope things have gotten easier for you in this area and less stressful after watching this!

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