By Kelsey on March 5, 2012 10

It’s the Huz’ Birthday

Happy birthday, Ric!

I hope you have an awesome day.


We started it early, with a baby feeding at 2:20 a.m.


I know it feels different than last yearbecause our minds are elsewhere.

We are parents.

Of the sweetest baby girl.


I’m sorry we won’t be able to enjoy the special dinner out that we had planned.

I’m also sorry that I didn’t get you a card. Did you know I looked for a week for the perfect one? But nothing was right. Nothing could express how I’m feeling right now.

And I wasn’t sure if we’d be a family of two or three.

(I guess Rooney really wanted to be here for your big day.)

So we’ll spend the day at home together, get some BBQ takeout and enjoy our new little gift.


You are the most important person in my life.

I am so lucky that I get to live with you, and hear all your ideas, and know if you’re having a good day or a bad day.

That I get to kiss you any time.

And be the mother of your child.

I respect you so, so much.



I love my husband, my kids and the Internet.

  1. That is so sweet. :) What a great way to spend your birthday.

    Happy Birthday, Ric!!

  2. Aww!! Happy first birthday as a Daddy!!! Best gift ever, right?!

  3. i remember my 25th birthday was a few days after we had x, and it definitely didn’t feel like a normal birthday. :) but what great memories! hope it’s a great day!

  4. Happy Birthday, Eric! What an exciting time for you guys! So happy for you!

  5. oh she is beautiful, seriously beautiful!!!!
    wishing eric a super happy birthday and many hugs to both of you, so happy that rooney is here and healthy!! xoxo

  6. Happy Birthday and Congratulations! What a sweet post!

  7. Happy Birthday, Eric! I wish you a wonderful day :)

  8. Happy Birthday Eric! I’m sure it’s going to be the best one yet! Enjoy it with the family!

  9. I just want to hug you both. Again. Well…. all three of you. :-)

  10. Such a sweet post! Hope you had a great birthday, Eric!

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