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Just Barely Getting By

I feel like I’m barely getting by right now.

It’s not that dramatic, probably, but “normal” is not what I’m feeling lately.

I’m trying to function at a high level all day long, but it’s hard.

I guess this is what it means to be a mom. For me, a working mom. And a wife.

My Struggles
  • Waking up — extremely tired most days, especially if Rooney has not slept soundly all night. I give myself less than 45 minutes to get ready because I can barely convince myself to get out of bed (which really isn’t anything new).
  • Barely getting my hair and outfit to a presentable level for work. Last week I wore something that resembled lounge-wear and my hair was definitely rockin’ the messy look.
  • Dropping Rooney off at day care and not allowing myself any emotion. Because the one day I did, I cried my makeup off.
  • Trying to stay focused at work. (This week I’m trying out the Pomodoro technique.)
  • Wondering if we’re doing the right thing by sending Rooney to day care or if we can afford for me to go part-time.
  • Getting Rooney to bed and then realizing we haven’t even thought about supper and I’m tired and it’s 7 p.m. (oh, and we haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks).
  • I’m training for a 5k. Every other night after dinner I leave the house to exercise, which is necessary for my physical and mental health, but it means sacrificing time with my husband, from whom I feel disconnected.
  • Our messy house adds another layer of stress. The laundry has been backed up for weeks!
  • My Bible reading hasn’t been happening.
  • Post-baby baby shower thank yous still need to be written.

Did you know that new research suggests that after a woman has a baby, her brain goes through a remodel? It rebuilds and reorganizes and is eventually stronger and smarter than ever before (making us more efficient). Cool in concept…difficult when you go through it. I’m still rewiring, I think.

I was relieved when my sister, who we call super mom, recently revealed to me that she feels the same way sometimes. That she’s barely getting by. You would never know. She is the best mom I have ever witnessed.

I’m trying to remember that Rooney is still only three months old and that pieces of our routine will get easier. There has been a lot of change in our lives recently and I wonder if it’s too soon to make a decision toward another big change (like changing my work schedule).

But the days are fleeting and we will never get them back…


Facebook Discussion

Facebook Discussion


I love my husband, my daughter and the Internet.

  1. You are not alone! My pastor made an excellent point just yesterday about having faith in God. He said God laughs at money. We need money to pay bills not to live. Part time sounds like a fabulous option if you both feel the Lord nudging you in that way. Who wouldn’t want more time with that precious girl ;)

    • That’s an interesting way to look at it. I do think many Americans get lost in work and paying for a certain lifestyle or working for so many years just so they can retire when they’re old. I wish Eric and I could both work part-time our whole lives! I’d rather have less money and enjoy life than work all the time. But, we do have bills to pay!

  2. I like this post because I can so identify! Since my son was born almost 18 months ago, my beauty routine has been cut down to about 15 minutes maybe so I can sleep as long as possible.

    I do have to say though, I had the opportunity to go part-time and while we could definitely use the full time money, I am so so so glad I decided to do part-time. It is amazing what it does for your sanity. It helps me to feel like I have better balance. I have 2 1/2 days off every week, so I can use those days to do laundry, grocery shop, and just spend more time with my son. My husband works crazy long hours as a business owner, so it wasn’t really possible to divide stuff up evenly as far as household or even baby duties. I love being part-time and think it’s such a good option for moms.

    • I’m so glad you had the opportunity to work part-time and that it works for you! I’d love to hear more about what you cut from your budget to make it work, if anything. I know if I made a switch to that then I would probably be expected to be much more of a “homemaker” than comes naturally to me.

      • We didn’t really have to modify our budget much, but we have kind of different circumstances. My husband opened his own business in 2006 and for at least the first 3-4 years, took virtually no income from it. He’s slowly increased his income, and increased it when I went back to work to make up for the difference that I lost by cutting back, plus part-time daycare costs. So we basically have always been a single income family. We are pretty tight on our food budget, don’t eat out much, try to cook more from scratch and stick to simple foods with less meat. I buy all my son’s clothes from garage sales (which is actually a good idea for anyone, there are some really nice and cheap kids clothes at garage sales), and buy much of my clothes second hand. It’s not for everyone, but for us, it was the right decision. I’m not sure if my husband had more normal hours and stress level if we’d have chosen differently, but with the way things are, we just couldn’t do everything, and after praying felt this was the best decision for us. Long term, we have hope that my husband’s income will grow significantly, so we see our current situation as doable for a time.

  3. You are not alone!! Most moms feel like this all the time :) I know I do — I feel like I’m barely holding everything together. It’s hard to work and be a mom and keep everything together. And it’s hard when you’re not working, too. In my own experience, it gets better as they get older.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone! :) I agree with you and I actually don’t think it would get much easier (if at all) if I stayed at home. I would be able to do chores here and there throughout the day, but our house would probably be more messy because we were living in it all day. That photo above is actually from when I was on leave.

  4. I love this post. I remember feeling the VERY same way after Alexis (now 7) was born. I’m a teacher and I remember sitting at my desk one morning before the kids came in with my hands in my face bawling like crazy because life was just “too hard”. It’s complex to try to be all things to all people (wife, mom, daughter, sister, employee, …..) but it gets easier!

    Here is a little perspective for you. If you feel overwhelmed, think of all of the mom’s that have to go down to the NICU to visit their babies who are 3 months old. Our daughter was down there for 130 days and we used to drive down (from Waukee area) at 5:00 a.m., visit/feed her, drive back to WDM for work all day and head on back down as soon as work was done. That was HARD.

    Being a new mom is such an adjustment. Especially if you are a structured person like you are but you can DO IT! Phil 4:13, You can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength.

    Hang in there Kelsey!


  5. A week after the hubs and I purchased our new home I found out I was pregnant (our first). This was a big surprise because we weren’t trying. I have had really terrible morning sickness, which is really all day and all night sickness. My doctor gave me meds that have helped because I am able to function although at sub par levels. Our house has looked the same the past 6 weeks since the day I found out I was pregnant because I have been too tired and sick to do anything beyond going to work.

    We have to wait to see how a few things pan out before we can start discussing the possibility of me being able to go part time or not work at all after the baby comes. We also still own our previous home and are renting it out, which even without a renter we can afford both mortgages as long as we are both working full time. However it does add a layer of stress when considering going from two incomes to one.

    I wish I could say this has been the happiest time of our lives, but I am having a hard time getting excited when my whole world is consumed by nausea, fatigue, and worry. I am trying to trust God with it all and talk to Him about it when the worry rears its ugly head.

    I hope all the hard work you two have put it in regards to getting your finances in order will allow you to be able to go part time. The days are fleeting, and it’s scary how fast they go by! I will be praying for you.

    • Courtney, congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for sharing! I had the same exhaustion you speak of for 6 weeks and it was very trying. I pray that you come out of it very soon!

      • Thanks Kelsey! I was 6 weeks when I found out I was pregnant, and I am 12 weeks as of yesterday. I am hoping to come out of the severe sickness and fatigue soon. I look forward to seeing how you guys adjust and figure out what’s best for your little family. Being able to read about your experiences from the perspective of someone who is about 10 months behind you on the journey has been very encouraging.

        • I was EXHAUSTED from 6 weeks to about 12-14 weeks. I hope you get relief in the next couple weeks, too. I was never sick, but could hardly make it through a day of work before going home and collapsing on the couch. I’m so glad our journey has been encouraging for you!

    • Courtney, I had horrible exhaustion my first pregnancy…it was unreal. I too could barely make it to work and wasn’t good for much else. It should get better in the 2nd trimester if not sooner :)

      Additionally I wanted to tell you that I wish I could go back in time and stay home with my babies. Our financial situation was equally tight but I would give anything to have those years back (even let my credit go and sell my car…dare I say give up my house…and I am really responsible with money, but you cant get that time back)

      If you can somehow manage part time that would be fantastic! I am going to keep you in my prayers.

      • Thanks Jana! I actually mentioned the idea of letting our other house go to my husband. He was shocked and said, “I hope those are pregnancy hormones talking!” Like you, I am very responsible with our finances and have a high credit score, but I am so tired of the rat race. I feel like our marriage has been mostly consumed with working and spending a lot of our free time trying to decompress from work. It terrifies me to think about adding the care of another human on top of everything we manage now.

        • Well, it probably is the hormones talking! Or maternal instincts, or something :) And there is nothing wrong with that! The things I felt while carrying a baby were completely different than what Eric felt when we got pregnant. It was more “real” to me and every time I couldn’t button my pants I was constantly reminded about the change that was coming into our life. I seemed to be much more cautious and even a little insecure about our finances. It has continued since baby came!

          I don’t say that to scare you, but to maybe help you and your husband understand each other during this time. We wrote a post about how the first trimester affected our marriage here:

    • Courtney, Congrats on the pregnancy! It gets better I promise. I remember feeling so gross the first 3 months that despite the fact I truly was excited about the whole thing, I was not feeling that way at all. I am 23 weeks along and finally feeling great (hopefully it lasts for a little while though). I feel stressed about money a lot after we have the baby. The hubs is changing jobs this summer and taking a pay cut (for a better job with more upward mobility and flexibility) it is hard to imagine making less than we do now and then going on maternity leave and taking another pay cut, then going back to work and giving half to day-care. Some days my default is fear and anxiety. But I am working on making my default trust and faith in God. Good luck with the pregnancy!

  6. Welcome to the club Kelsey :) you are having a completely normal experience and feelings. Such a drastic change when you bring home a baby and your schedule is forever evolving in the first year as the baby grows and changes. Know that you are doing a beautiful job, and that taking care of yourself is just as important. It gets easier, it really does!

  7. I understand what you’re going through! And it’s tough. Being a full-time employee, mother, wife and everything else is really difficult. There were many days, weeks (months?), I felt like “I can’t do this. Something has got to give.” Even now that my daughter is 19 months old I have moments (this past week was one of them – sick baby) like that.

    Things that get us through the week are a nanny who watches our daughter 3 days a week at our house and a spouse who works from home and has *some* flexibility that goes with that. I’ll brag on my husband a little here: he cares for our little one from 3-5 every day, takes her to most of her doctor’s appointment, he cooks and cleans up after dinner most nights while I have time with my daughter, he does most of the laundry and all the grocery shopping on the weekends.

    Things I also struggle with:
    Morning routine – I get a shower every other day, don’t wear any make-up, barely get my hair brushed, and am still late to work most days.
    Leaving my daughter in the care of others – she’s old enough now to cling to my legs and cry “mama” when she wants me to stay, it breaks my heart.
    Exercise – pre-baby I worked out regularly now it’s sporadic at best, a walk here, a family bike ride there, whatever I can find. Most days I am too tired to do much.
    My career – it is suffering as a result of not being able/ willing to work overtime and difficulty focusing when I am there. I would also prefer to be part-time but it’s not an option is my current role.

    So far, for us, I can say that while some things have gotten easier as our daughter has grown, some things are more difficult. I think the biggest change has been in us and our expectations and learning to deal with the roller coaster of life with a baby/ toddler.

    Thank you for being honest and open about the difficulties of being a full-time employed mom! It’s comforting to know I am not the only one struggling to get through this : ) Hugs.

    Any thoughts on why it’s moms that tend to feel this way and not dads?

    • Good to hear that I’m not alone. I am not sure what’s best for my family, but I think that I don’t want to spread myself too thin to the point that I am just OK at a lot of things and not great at a few things. I’m trying to evaluate what I want my career to be and how important it will be to me.

      Regarding your question, for Eric, anyway, it seems that he feels strongly in wanting and needing to provide for his family financially. Actually going out and doing the work. He likes to be with Rooney in the evenings but he doesn’t really miss her during the day. I am actually thankful that he feels this way because we would be a mess if he felt how I do :)

  8. I don’t like when you call me super mom because I’m definitely not! I’m honored that you think I’m a great mom, but it’s never easy. Even 5 years after becoming a mom, each day is still new and we encounter new challenges. It all comes down to routine and priorities. I’m sick of picking up the stacking cups 6 times a day….instead, we wait until 10 minutes before bed time and get everything put away. I have a to-do list (that I think is manageable), but in the back of my mind, I still think about what is absolutely necessary for that day. I wear makeup about 4 times a year, and clothes, well, I usually have boogers or mushy crackers somewhere on my attire, and I really don’t care.
    I love my job, but if I could afford to stay home with my girls, I would have in a heart beat! So many days I feel like I miss out on things—being a teacher, I really try to cram a lot of things into our summer days. Everything you are experiencing is normal and you’ll get through. You need to cut yourself some slack. I don’t know if you feel that Eric’s expectations of you are unrealistic, and I’m surely not suggesting that, but many women feel that way. I found this post inspirational and it was a good reflection for Brandon and I.

    • Thanks for sending that link. Eric and I will be talking about that on our drive home tonight. I have been reading a lot about The Two-Income Trap and that many families who don’t think they can afford to have one parent stay home actually can. Even on a teacher’s salary :) I wish people who really want to stay home believed that. Making the leap is probably the hardest part. I am still trying to figure out what will be best for our family.

      I will stop calling you super mom if you don’t like it. I think you are a fantastic mom. You seem to have a good handle on things and keep up with the pressures that come at you. I think I’m a really good mom, but probably not a good homemaker. I don’t cook or have a to-do list!

      I do miss getting myself into a more presentable fashion each day, and maybe if I made time for it then I would feel better about a lot of things.

      • it’s not that i don’t like the title ‘super mom,’ it’s actually a HUGE compliment :) i just don’t want people to get the wrong idea. being a homemaker does come naturally for me, but i know it doesn’t for everyone. one thing i remember from growing up is mom complaining about the laundry. it really doesn’t bother me….i don’t love it, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. give the to-do list a try….start small….i even made them for M&M this summer :)

  9. Even as a stay-at-home-mom, there are definitely days/weeks/months where I feel like I am just barely getting by. When you are at home all day with toddlers, your house is NEVER picked up and it is NEVER all clean, all at the same time.

    Here are a couple of things I have done to feel a bit better when the “woe is me” feeling starts to take over:

    1)Remember that a fed/clothed/clean baby is an accomplishment in and of itself and it might be the ONLY thing you accomplish during the day.

    2)Frozen pizza or a PB&J never killed anyone, and it contains three food groups (okay, I’m kidding mostly on this one…)

    3)Meal planning: just not having to decide THAT day what is for supper seems to save some stress.

    4)I stopped reading a lot of “mom blogs” because I had to rest peacefully in knowing that I am doing my best without comparing to anyone else. God has given me different gifts than other moms, and that is PERFECTLY okay.

    5) Make a list of goals for your week and tackle as many as you can without feeling guilty if you only cross one of those goals off. {Sometimes I turn this in to daily goals and just pick two or three. Like “put away all clean laundry” and “vacuum living room” because that is much less daunting than “finish laundry” and “vacuum the house”, but I still feel more accomplished}.

    I am often attacked with thoughts that my family (mainly my kids) would be much better off if I worked full-time and dropped my kids off at day care – but I know that is just Satan working over-time. So, Satan is always on the prowl giving us mommy-guilt regardless of our situation. I don’t think it is easier either way (at home, or at work). I think we just have to be in prayer that what we are doing in our role as wife and mom is glorifying God. If we are still and listen for Him, we will make the right choices.

    • Thanks, Mary. Do you work from home?? I’d love to hear how you knew what would be the best arrangement for your family. Did you always know that you were called to stay home, and do you think all women are called to that?

      • Kels,

        I do work from home, and the boys go to a sitter for about ten hours each week. Me working from home was something that I didn’t do at first. It evolved over time.

        I definitely know that God called me to be at home, but I don’t think that it is my place to say that all mom’s should be. I could go on and on about how I feel about it, but ultimately we made the decision because of the convictions God placed on our hearts.

        Regardless, I also believe that we need to submit to our husband’s leadership about whether we should work outside of the home. Certainly we can make our appeal (and should). All I can say is that intentional and consistent prayer is the only way to make the decision.

        I say all the time that I can see so much evidence of God blessing us for making this choice for our family.

        Praying for you guys!

        • There is such wisdom in your words–thank you for sharing. We have decided to not make a move yet because we do believe we know what God wants for us but we’re not yet in a position to make it happen. Hope you’re doing well! I think I would benefit to have more Mary in my life :)

  10. Kelsey,

    We were going to have me go back to work for a year after Samuel was born and then see how it went with our budget. We were going to put all my income into a savings account, except pay for daycare out of it, since we wanted to see if we could live on just Thaddeus’s salary. Samuel came, and even know we knew it would be a stretch we just couldn’t send him to daycare, so I did not end up returning to work.

    This meant that our monthly budget became even more important. We got rid of our land line and satelite dish, which still fit in our budget, but the extra room made us more comfortable. We both knew that it was what God wanted for our family though, and within a couple of months Thaddeus was blessed with a large raise to bring our income very close to where it had been before I quit. Then we were blessed again when he received a promotion six months later with another signifcant raise.

    We are also in a blessed position to have been on Dave Ramsey’s baby step 6 when Samuel was born, and still are there it will be slower going now. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our journey.

    • Sonja, thank you for sharing this. How wonderful for you guys! I would love to hear more. Did you cut anything else from your budget? Did Thaddeus change his tax withholding to get more in each paycheck? Have you noticed other budget line items go up (utilities) or down (gas) since the switch?

      We are on baby step #4. We love our day care and believe she is getting great care there, so maybe part-time is right for us. Now that summer is here, I am really wishing that was the case! :)

  11. definitely planning on re-reading this post in 7 months when I go back to work and feel like I am barely hanging on. thanks for the honesty. I am positive that most moms feel the way you do. I think they are just afraid to admit it because it makes them feel like bad moms. You are doing the right things for your family right now. I say keep adjusting to the new schedule, give it at least another couple of months, then reassess the part-time no child care option. I know that is our plan. I will finish the school year, take next summer off (by default because I am a teacher) and we will take time to reassess then. I really respect you for going back to work, it is hard in this world when so many christian (blogging) women stay home with their kids, but it doesn’t make you any more less of a mom or person.

  12. It gets easier…and harder.
    Right. Ow my baby just went down for his afternoon nap and I feel like I got hit by a hurricane! He’s mobile now and VERY curious…and I don’t think we’ve done a very good job baby-proofing which means I’m following him all over the house and he’s making a mess everywhere. Sighhhh. Add to that, we are moving across the country in TWO months. We need to pack and we need to try to sell or rent our house and we have to figure out how the baby will do with traveling, etc.

    But I do feel a lot more “with it” than I did in the early months. Maybe my brain is almost finished rewiring, lol.

  13. even though i don’t work full time, i can totally relate to so much you’re saying! i think every scenario: working mom, part time working mom, stay at home mom all have their ups and downs. i went crazy at first staying at home, but i think it was much more the whole transition for me, it was definitely not the need to have a career. through church and other outlets, i’ve been able to continue to really create and interact with other adults, which is what i needed. for financial reasons, i picked up some part-time work. it’s works out well for us and takes some of the strain off of our finances, but i struggle with the balance of it all since most of what i do is from home.

    i know god will provide for you all if you decide to go part time. i’m sure through prayer, his word and the wisdom of others, he will show you what he has planned for you.

    and i really don’t like cooking at all, but everything else makes up for it. :)

    • thanks, gwenie, for sharing! i am eager to hear of the arrival of your little girl and how your family situation is changed once again! :) we really need to talk about this stuff a lot more!!!

  14. Kelsey,
    when our firstborn arrived, I left a promising full-time career to stay home. I did work part-time more often than not in the years that followed, but that decision to place my emphasis on home made a major difference in our lives. Tracy’s career took off, and I became expert at managing children/home/budget so he could focus on work. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good Dad, it means he was worry-free in the day-to-day, which made him more capable in the business world. and it meant the job related re-locations were easier. I turned my skills at business and my creative gifts into assets that helped us manage on a (ridiculously) small budget. And I NEVER regreted the time I was able to lavish upon my children and husband. Nowadays, this seems to be a rare choice. But it seems to be one God appreciates and rewards. We know it has afforded us opportunities we may not have otherwise seen. This may not be the best path for everyone, some moms NEED to work in order to be better moms/people. But don’t be afraid to follow your heart or God’s calling. He will be your best guide! Blessings to you&Eric&Rooney!

    • jeannie, i so appreciate you sharing your experience. everything you said here really makes sense to me. i still haven’t made a decision, but your perspective was one i hadn’t thought of. thank you!

  15. Don’t be too hard on yourself! I felt that way until my daughter started sleeping through the night…don’t underestimate the power of sleep! If you can’t afford to quit work is there a way to eek out enough $ to pay for a house keeper to come in every other week? That might keep the stress level down or make you feel like things aren’t piling up. My mom suggested that to me when I went back to work and it helped SO much. And our house was small enough it was like $50 a week.

    • We have talked about getting a housekeeper! Eric used to be very against the idea, but I think he’s kind of changed his mind on that now that we have a baby. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I don’t even have a baby and my laundry is breaking records… Life happens, things slip and yet we usually land on our feet. And then we realize clean underwear was never so important anyways… Ok, it is… but you get the point;)

  17. i fully support you going part time or quitting all together, these days will NEVER come back to you. Your husband, your baby AND YOU need the devoted time for your sanity health and wellness. I LOVE your honesty and appreciate your willingness to be so see through. I’ll most certainly be praying for you and your loved ones.

  18. Dude I feel that way and I don’t have a kid, or a husband. Some of the forms of your struggles are baby specific, but some of it is just life. Which is not AT ALL to diminish what you’re going through! But I think we all assume that everyone has it more together than we do.. people tell me I’m strong or whatever and I think, you’ve got to be kidding me!

    One of my favorite quotes is “If it wasn’t this, it’d be something else.” An example, one time when asking my professor about a lot of stress I was going through in grad school and if it meant I wasn’t cut out for it, he asked “If you had another job do you think you’d necessarily be any less stressed?” and it really struck me. Maybe my pressures would be different but it’d still be pressure. Just by admitting you’re struggling, you’ve already won half the battle :) Keep it up girl, y’all are in my prayers.

    • you’re right. it’s mostly just realizing that life and growing up is hard :) there are lots of decisions to make and i’d hate to make the wrong one. but i suppose that is all part of the journey.

      congrats on the new blog, by the way! very exciting.

    • I really appreciate this perspective, Sarah. Thanks for sharing it!

  19. I hear ya! You are not alone! :) I resigned from my job of 9 years last week. I liked my job and was good at it, but I felt I was missing so much at home. We made the tough decision (and it was tough, eventhough it seems obvious) that I will stay home with the boys. I am very excited to put 100% effort into my family. Many people have said you are doing the right thing and you wont regret it. I believe this is true. I am sure staying at home will also have it’s challenges, but nothing we can’t handle. Keep up the good work momma!

    • congrats to you and your family on making a switch. i hope it goes smoothly for you all. do you wish you would have transitioned home earlier? or was the timing just right for you guys now?

  20. Wow, it feels so good to know the feeling of inadequacy eventually leads to greater intelligence. :) Until now, I didn’t know about the brain remodel.

    Regarding whether or not you go part-time….being completely ignorant of your financial situation and super new to your blog, I will say this: you’ll never regret staying home with your baby or going part time to stay home more. I chose to stay home with my baby and I’ve never regretted it. Sure, some days are frustrating because I don’t get out of the house and other days I feel lonely because my social circle no longer involves fellow employees, but spending as much time with my little one as possible and not feeling like I’m sacrificing too much emotionally is worth it! I’ve learned how to sacrifice wants for needs and while sometimes I miss being able to buy certain things, I know I won’t remember missing out on what I couldn’t by when my baby is grown, ya know?

    Thinking of you and praying for you. I know it is such a difficult decision.

  21. I have always wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember so when the choice came to stay home with my kids, there was no question in my mind what I wanted to do. The choice to stay home really came out of a childcare decision. It wouldn’t be worth me working if all I was doing was paying for childcare. It just didn’t make sense. And now that we have 3 it’s not even worth going back to work. Our financial situation is definitely strained because of our decision. We live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings. I wouldn’t wish our financial struggles on anyone but I can tell you that our kids have no idea! So we don’t have cable and can’t go on vacations-our kids have more fun in our backyard than you can imagine! We’ve learned to make life fun with what we have been given. I just hope that when our kids are older they will appreciate what we not only sacrificed but the time we devoted to them :)

  22. I’m very interested in the pomodoro technique, I will be reading up! I definitely feel as though I have motherhood induced ADD.

    • I need more practice, but I think it may work for me. Basically, you focus on one task for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. After four 25-minute stints, you take a longer, 20-minute break.

  23. err,…i wish we were neighbors.
    that is all.

    : )

  24. we’re right there with you, kels. if we make it through a day without any major catastrophes, we feel like it’s an accomplishment. it gets better…but right now we’re just taking it one day at a time…

    ps…why does it seem like it’s been forever since we’ve seen you guys? probably b/c it has been. let’s fix that, asap!

  25. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! can I get an…..?–but seriously. I feel like you just carved this out of my brain. To make matters worse (I’m telling myself it will be better because things will get sorted/cleaned/organized) we are moving with our 3 month old in 2 weeks. Thank goodness for GRANDMAS! :D

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