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Kelsey’s Goals for 2012

I know Eric is usually the one who sets intentional goals, but I wrote some for myself this year as well. At our family meeting a couple weeks ago I couldn’t help but realize how much progress we made in 2011. I’ve heard that you overestimate what you can get done in a day but underestimate what you can get done in a year. I think that’s very true for me.

2011 was a big year for us: growing our blogs, growing our family, taking multiple trips, making new friends, getting serious with our life group and continuing to use our money wisely. For fun, let’s look at how I did on my last year’s goals (which I haven’t shared publicly till now).

Kelsey’s Goals for 2011

  • Redesign Snappy Casual. This was completed in March 2011, much earlier than I expected. Almost a year later I’m happy to say that I still love my branding.
  • Hang out with people who are better, smarter and cooler than me. I am constantly amazed at how many brilliant young adults there are in our city, and we’ve met many of them through our church and have been blessed to get to know them better. Last year I also reconnected with a high school friend and we made some cool things happen together on the Interwebs–including the bullet point above. (I’m not officially checking this one off as completed because for me this goal specifically included having dinner with Justin and Kerry Wise, which sadly still hasn’t happened! If either of you are reading, let’s do it before our babies come!)

For 2012 I’ve made spiritual, mental, physical and social/relational goals. It’s quite ambitious…considering I’ll become a mom very soon and have no idea how that will affect me. But I think that’s partly why I wanted to make these personal goals–so I don’t lose sight of myself.

Kelsey’s Goals for 2012

  • Read through the First Steps Bible reading plan on Youversion. In becoming members at our church, we agree to spend daily quiet time with God. This is going really well so far, considering my failed attempts the past two years. I haven’t missed a day yet.
  • Lose all the pregnancy weight. Hopefully this can be checked off by Eric’s 10-year high school reunion in early July (my 10-year reunion is a week later).
  • Purge our house and keep it clutter-free. I was really embarrassed when we came home after Christmas and had so much stuff to put away. Last weekend we started by purging our basement. It felt so good! We want to downsize after we sell our house, so this is something we will need to do on a continual basis.
  • Invest hardcore in a friendship. I’ve seen some great things happen as a result of Eric meeting one-on-one almost weekly with our friend Justin, and I want what they have. Any takers? :)
  • Find joy in the kitchen. Which will be harder for me than it sounds.

Update: Check out Eric’s 2012 goals.



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  1. A reading goal is a good idea! I find myself reading when I have time, instead of making time for reading. Are you liking Getting Things Done? Motivational and self-improvement books are some of my favorite topics to dive in to.

    • I am enjoying GTD a lot more than I thought I would…I have been to a GTD conference so I have a little background already. Eric reads each night before bed but I’m finding that I’m just too tired and needing more sleep than him. I need to make time to do it!

  2. I would love to be your hard core friend…..we need to do better about getting together just the two of us. for a quick lunch or a small shopping trip, taking a walk, etc. we can do it, we just have to make it a priority! let’s get a date on the calendar now!

    can i borrow your 10 healthy habits of happy moms book when you are done? awesome!

  3. I volunteer my wife, although it may not be every week ;-)
    Also, can’t wait to see more of your Snappy migration…love me some wordpress!

    • I had her in mind! I would really love to spend more time with her, especially since I may need some new-mom-mentoring :) Thanks for volunteering her…now she has no choice! Ha.

  4. Good job on completing last year’s goals! And these are excellent goals! I’m sure you’ll do great in 2012:) However, I will be sad to see you go from Tumblr (although I totally understand why you want to make the move).

  5. awesome goals! can’t wait to see you accomplish them :-) also wanted to recommend the Unclutterer blog/forums for downsizing inspiration. i’ve been reading the forums and have been especially inspired by the “a thing a day” concept – just find one thing you can donate/sell/toss each day and you’ll start to see a big improvement over the course of the year. and it’s not a huge commitment when your attention will be focused mostly on baby.

    • thanks for the recommendation! i’ve already noticed myself taking a more proactive approach by not bringing unwanted items into our house in the first place. we are NOT hoarders by any means, but it’s easy to let things stack up. it feels good to get rid of it!

  6. Good for you! Those are really great goals that will inevitably bring much joy and happiness to other areas of your life! I am in the same boat as you regarding friendship goals, I think that is something that can often be overlooked or assumed to be there. Best of luck!

  7. I love your goal it invest in a friendship!! My BFF and I have been friends for 20 years, and she had her first baby in 2011. She said that now, more than ever, her friendships are super important to remind her that she’s still a person, not just Mady’s mom. A big part of being a great parent (says the woman without kids!) is showing by example. There is no better example a mother can give her child than showing that it’s important to have interests and passions and hobbies that she cares about. I think your list looks great for your 2012 resolutions :)

  8. if i lived close i would LOVE to be your close friend. :) everyone needs that: support, love, accountability, etc. and then maybe we could try to both find joy in the kitchen together….if you find it, will you fill me in? :)

  9. Can’t wait to read about you guys organizing your basement. I love organizing!

  10. Investing into friendships is one of the best goals anyone can have, in my opinion! Beyond getting organized, losing weight or saving money – goals that are somewhat good but ultimately less important in the BIG picture. Really strong friendships are priceless and will keep rewarding you tenfold. After being so far away from all my closest friends for so long now and not having anyone to replace them with (this tiny town is so lonely!!) I appreciate a really good friend more than ever, and my goal is to try to be more open with creating new friendships here in Iowa.
    If I lived there I would so be your friend and we could learn to be new mamas together :)!

  11. Kelsey, good goals. :) I know I’ve said it before, but I think we should get together sometime for coffee. (Okay, we’re both pregnant. We can’t do coffee, but we could do hot chocolate!) Let me know if you’re interested, and maybe we can coordinate something. :) -Erin.

  12. Hopefully your health/nutritional goals will help you with finding joy in the kitchen. It helps me to clean up as I go while I’m cooking so I’m not faced with a big pile of mess when I’m all full & sleepy :) Fill one side of the sink half way with water & soap, then throw the used utensils/cutting boards/pots in there as you go. When I do chopping, I tear a plastic grocery bag in half & spread it under the cutting board….one half catches any liquid and the other I use to put the waste pieces on. This makes it really easy to wrap it all up & toss in the trash with little mess left on the counter. Also while I’m waiting for something to boil/bake/etc I wipe down the counters.

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