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By Kelsey on July 8, 2013 19

Would you live with a married couple? Or, would you allow a roommate to live with you and your spouse?

On three separate occasions we’ve had a roommate live with us in our house — and each time they approached us. We didn’t have an ad out to fill our guest bedroom, but the opportunities arose and we didn’t have a hard time saying yes. We actually were approached a fourth time by a potential renter but in the end both parties decided it would not be the best fit.

As with any living arrangement, there are pros and cons to be considered:

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By Kelsey on June 12, 2013 15

At my new job (and by new I mean I’ve already been there 7 months – holy cow!) I work 32 hours a week. Well, if you figure in breaks and day care check-ins and check-outs, it’s actually less than that. (I know, it’s awesome!) I told Eric a couple months ago that I finally found my life calling. In many ways it has been like a dream come true for me.

I cut out one full day of work (Wednesdays) and because Rooney goes to day care at the church where I work, I get to see her 19 hours MORE per week than I did when I was at my old job. I added this up the other day and was shocked. You’d think the number would be closer to 9. But NINETEEN? Whoa. This has been great for me in my role as a mother.

But as a wife?

Well, it has affected our marriage a little bit.

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By Eric on May 20, 2013 10

How do you respond when you fail in life? I suppose fail by definition is different for everyone, but in a general sense, when you aim for something and fall short, how do you respond?

This is something that I often struggled with. I aim to please, and when I miss the mark I get a wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach. You know the feeling? It hurts – I’m embarrassed, ashamed, regretful, disappointed, and sometimes even angry at myself.

And this is why I love being married! My wife knows more about me than anyone else would care to know. I mean, intimacy in marriage is more than what happens between the sheets . It means that we share our deepest darkest secrets with each other, and that we are brutally honest with one another, too (in love, of course).

I’m here to tell Kelsey when she has something in her teeth when nobody else will, and she points out all of the crazy ideas I’ve had over the years. It’s love at it’s finest. Let me explain…

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By Guest on April 5, 2013 14

quoteThis is a guest post by Sarah Greesonbach. She writes and curates the lifestyle and personal finance blog Life [Comma] Etc. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter for commentary and hot links, as well as pictures of her husband and cat. She releases her first eBook this month, Life After Teaching: The Hands-On Guide for Transitioning Out of Teaching and Into a New Career. 

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Have you heard the popular wedding Bible verse Ephesians 22: “Wives, submit to your husbands”?

Of course you have. In fact, Kelsey already brought it up in her post The “S” Word and submitting to your husband. And while she covered her feelings personally, for some reason I still left the Web that day with my hackles the slightest bit raised because I hadn’t yet made peace with the idea. But thankfully, nine months into my own marriage, I have finally come around to it, and I think it is a special message that can save you a few years of pain and misery in your marriage.

Bear with me. Because maybe you’ve googled “wedding” and at some point some jerk said something offensive and used this quote as evidence. And maybe, like me, you have older brothers and a Catholic mother who read this verse with a twinkle in their eye as you tried to find some verses for your own wedding. And maybe you don’t feel the need to understand or appreciate this verse — but that might be a huge mistake.

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By Eric on January 22, 2013 4

Last Thursday we were pumped for our weekly date night. Kelsey had picked up some Mini Rolos from Target and we were going to catch up on our favorite TV shows (Modern Family & Parenthood) and eat popcorn.

As I was rigging up my laptop to play through our TV, which we have done since we cut cable and DVR, the connection wasn’t working. I’m guessing it’s because the thunderbolt to HDMI cable that I have cost me less than $5 on Amazon. Lesson #43 in shopping online: You get what you pay for.

We were so looking forward to viewing our shows on our 42″ TV in our living room. Whatever were we going to do?

I must have been influenced by my recent reading of Love Does by Bob Goff (audio version), because I know myself well enough to know I normally would have thrown a fit and complained about it all night.

But this time, I had an idea. A small caper. Not a big caper like the ones in Love Does, but for the circumstances it was pretty adventurous.

What’s a caper? I’m glad you asked…

caper (noun): a frivolous, carefree episode or activity

I told Kelsey I had an idea. I then locked her in our walk-in closet so she could change into her pajamas and I could surprise her. And then, I rigged up this…


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