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By Eric on August 6, 2013 18

I was emailed this infographic a few weeks ago. It covers some staggering statistics on the “D” word (divorce). If you’ve read our 12 Reasons We’re Still Married (one of our most popular posts of all time), then you know how we feel about the “D” word.

I’d love for you to check out the infographic. I have a few opinions to add of my own, and then I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.

How to Ensure a Successful Marriage - An Infographic from Fine & Associates

Embedded from Fine & Associates

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By Kelsey on July 8, 2013 19

Would you live with a married couple? Or, would you allow a roommate to live with you and your spouse?

On three separate occasions we’ve had a roommate live with us in our house — and each time they approached us. We didn’t have an ad out to fill our guest bedroom, but the opportunities arose and we didn’t have a hard time saying yes. We actually were approached a fourth time by a potential renter but in the end both parties decided it would not be the best fit.

As with any living arrangement, there are pros and cons to be considered:

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By Kelsey on June 12, 2013 15

At my new job (and by new I mean I’ve already been there 7 months – holy cow!) I work 32 hours a week. Well, if you figure in breaks and day care check-ins and check-outs, it’s actually less than that. (I know, it’s awesome!) I told Eric a couple months ago that I finally found my life calling. In many ways it has been like a dream come true for me.

I cut out one full day of work (Wednesdays) and because Rooney goes to day care at the church where I work, I get to see her 19 hours MORE per week than I did when I was at my old job. I added this up the other day and was shocked. You’d think the number would be closer to 9. But NINETEEN? Whoa. This has been great for me in my role as a mother.

But as a wife?

Well, it has affected our marriage a little bit.

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By Eric on May 20, 2013 10

How do you respond when you fail in life? I suppose fail by definition is different for everyone, but in a general sense, when you aim for something and fall short, how do you respond?

This is something that I often struggled with. I aim to please, and when I miss the mark I get a wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach. You know the feeling? It hurts – I’m embarrassed, ashamed, regretful, disappointed, and sometimes even angry at myself.

And this is why I love being married! My wife knows more about me than anyone else would care to know. I mean, intimacy in marriage is more than what happens between the sheets . It means that we share our deepest darkest secrets with each other, and that we are brutally honest with one another, too (in love, of course).

I’m here to tell Kelsey when she has something in her teeth when nobody else will, and she points out all of the crazy ideas I’ve had over the years. It’s love at it’s finest. Let me explain…

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