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By Kelsey on July 24, 2012 11

“When you have a baby, you set off an explosion in your marriage, and when the dust settles, your marriage is different from what it was. Not better, necessarily; not worse, necessarily; but different.” –Nora Ephron

This is an update to Eric’s post on how having a newborn affects our marriage. A lot of you left awesome comments on that post, so thank you! Continue Reading…

By Eric on July 23, 2012 6
Question from Ivy: I’m recently engaged. Eeeek! I was wondering if you have any advice for those about-to-be-newlyweds and what planning we can do not for the wedding, but for our marriage itself (finances, etc.).

We get really excited when young couples ask us questions like this. Not because we did it the right way, but rather quite the opposite. We were not thinking long-term when we were engaged, and certainly not asking for advice from those who have gone before us.

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By Kelsey on July 19, 2012 4

Eric’s mom and nephew came down yesterday to — get this! — CLEAN our house and put Roo to bed so we could go on a mid-week date!

We were so excited. I have to say that dates are finally starting to feel back to “normal” for me. Less worrying about Rooney when we’re gone and what we’ll have to do when we get home. I’m able to focus on having fun with Eric and strengthening our marriage.

We went to Earl May (we have some coupons to spend this month that we got during our landscaping project), out to eat at On the Border (hello, guacamole! you are my new favorite food), to the mall (we are lame and only bought socks) and then to Orange Leaf with a gift card we received from friends when Rooney was born.

Afterward it was already 9:22 so our trip to the new Whole Foods had to be rescheduled.

We left smiling about how awesome God is, because on our way to the restaurant we talked about needing to have a certain couple over for dinner soon. Guess what? We ran into them at Orange Leaf and were able to enjoy our yogurt with them! Isn’t it amazing how He orchestrates these things?

After we got home, we snuck in to watch Rooney sleep and then were off to bed.

I am so thankful for dates with my husband. They are crucial to our marriage. Have you had a good date lately?


By Eric on July 4, 2012 4

Question from Mary at Noah Baby: A few months ago I recommended my husband for a position at my company and, of course, they thought he was as qualified as I did! He jumped at the opportunity since it was better pay and benefits. We’re just now getting into the rhythm of our work schedules and the fact that we sit (literally) 100 feet away from one another for nine hours a day. We’re also the only married couple in our company of 200+ so we’re a bit of an anomaly. We ride in to work together 2-3 days a week but always seem to spend our lunches with one another. We thought that this extra time together would make us feel smothered but I’ve found that our biggest challenge is actually external–avoiding perceived “impropriety” in the workplace. Don’t get me wrong, no one has actually said that we’re being inappropriate, I’m just extremely concerned about maintaining a high level of professionalism. It’s hard to avoid venting with him about fellow employees, showing light PDA in the office (I’m afraid that if I put as much as a hand on his shoulder that people will think we’re inappropriate), and giving one another priority on projects on the rare occasion that we do have to work together (I’m in project management and he’s in marketing).

How do you guys avoid these issues and make it work?

Kelsey and I have worked together for close to four years now. We absolutely love it. Some friends have told us that working with their spouse would be extremely difficult. It would simply be too much. At this point, I think it would be extremely difficult not to work with my spouse. In fact, while Kelsey was on maternity leave, it was difficult for us both to not be in the same building all day. Continue Reading…

By Guest on June 29, 2012 8
This is a guest post by Maria. You can also follow her on Twitter. We love this kind of stuff, and it reminds us to always keep the playful nature alive in our marriage. We have our own set of Williamses House Rules, and this post reminds me a lot of the silly things we do as a couple. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out our guest post guidelines.

If you take your marriage seriously as a lifelong commitment and, let’s be honest, lifelong piece of work, you know how many advice books are out there. Because experts have already covered the deep insights, I’d like to share something fun.

When we were dating, my husband, “Lovey,” started our high-five tradition. I don’t think he imagined how it would stick; he was just being playful. I think that’s exactly why we enjoy it so much.

High fives are pretty common in our culture, but our game has specific “rules.” We started the habit while watching shows together. One of us would guess an outcome such as, “There’s no way they’re actually gonna to kiss. Someone’s gonna come in and interrupt them.” And if someone comes in and interrupts as predicted, the one who made the prediction gets a high five. (In case you’re wondering, we watch “Castle.”)

high five

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