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By Kelsey on October 23, 2013 2

I’m happy to say that when we leave the house nowadays, it’s not as crazy of a dash to grab all of the things as it was when Rooney was 6 months old. There are no more bottles with pre-measured water to mess with, a formula dispenser to fill up, purees and spoons needed, burb cloths to pack, an extra change of clothes just in case, etc.

IMG_6460 copy

I still love our diaper bag, which was a hand-me-down from my parents, who used the same bag when I was a baby (I was 20 weeks pregnant in the photo above). It served us very well for the past 19 months, but the yellow gingham is definitely a baby-ish pattern so I think now is time to set it aside and let it rest until we have another baby (it also needs a good washing!).

I recently bought a new purse, only to be disappointed that it’s too small to hold all the items I still need for Rooney and myself when we go out. Darn!

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By Kelsey on October 21, 2013 5

As of this week, it’s been one year since I started my new job (I think I need to stop calling it “new” at this point)! So that makes 52 Wednesdays at home with Rooney. I’ve been hashtag-ing my photos and tweets to keep track of our extra day together, and I realized just last Wednesday that I’ve taken exactly 52 Wednesday photos in the past 52 weeks!

What amazed me the most is how much she’s changed in the past year. She was 7 months then (just a baby!), and now she’s walking and talking at 19 months.

Can I let you in a little secret? I didn’t always love every minute of my Wednesdays with her. There were so many times I was ready for Eric to walk in the door and have some time to myself. But the last two weeks, for whatever reason, have been absolutely heaven.

Even though it hasn’t always been easy or fun, these 52 photos represent moments I would have missed if I would have kept working full-time. I am so glad I got 52 extra days with her the past year!

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By Kelsey on September 25, 2013 11

photo 2

What makes a good mother?

Is it getting out all the laundry stains,
successfully rocking her baby to sleep at a loud wedding reception,
changing a poopy diaper with one wipe?

Is it keeping her child’s car seat rear-facing until age 2,
leaving her full-time job to stay at home,
breastfeeding for a year?

Is it remembering to brush her children’s teeth every day,
making sure they are appropriately dressed for the weather,
serving organic foods?

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By Kelsey on June 10, 2013 19

minivan mom

Minivans are one of the greatest inventions ever. Ten years ago I would have laughed in your face if you said that to me, but today I’d tell you that you are most definitely right. Not only do I have a kid now, but I’ve also grown up a lot and I’m a lot wiser.

Minivans might not be the coolest vehicle on the market, but I’m not interested in cool. Here are six reasons I’m a minivan mom:

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By Kelsey on May 22, 2013 13

I wanted to do another Day in the Life post, but this time show you what our Wednesdays have looked like lately. My goal on Wednesdays is to let Roo get good naps, bond with her and stay in tune with her needs, get all the laundry done, and spend some much-needed time with myself (I’m an introvert). Maybe not the loftiest goals, but at least my goal isn’t to get a tan, right? I want to feel what it’s like to be a stay-at-home mom for a day (sometimes it helps remind myself that I don’t want to be one full-time).

See also: A Day in the Life…of a Working Mom for what my days look like when I work.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

photo 3

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