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Our Last Night as Non-Parents (a Tribute to Modern Family)

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On the evening of Thursday, March 1, 2012, we laid on our king-size bed, watched multiple episodes of Modern Family on the iPad and ate Mr. Freezes.

It was our last night as a family of two.

That’s how I remember it.

Of course, we had no way of knowing it was our last night just the two of us.

And it really wasn’t as laid back as it sounds.

There was a lot on our minds.

I was 38 weeks pregnant, feeling contractions. I ate a bowl of Grape Nuts for dinner. I finished packing my hospital bag. My mom called and we chatted. Eric googled “false labor” upon my request.

We didn’t know if this was “the real deal.”

Turns out it was.

March 1, 2012.

That was our last night without kids.

Modern Family is still one of our favorite shows and every time we watch it I am reminded of our last night as non-parents…just two people in love who had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

What was your last night as non-parents like? Do you remember?

P.S. You can read the full story of Rooney’s birth here.

P.P.S. I wonder what our last night as a family of three will be like…



I love my husband, my kids and the Internet.

  1. I wish our last night as non-parents had been calm and serene! I accidentally (of course!) ran over my husband’s 21-year-old cat when I came home that night. We had to rush him to an emergency vet clinic over an hour away that cost $100 just to walk in the door. He had severe internal bleeding but nothing was broken. It was also found out that he had a very bad heart murmur, and surgery wouldn’t have been an option so we had him put to sleep. It was an awful night, and we buried him in the back yard when we got home. I was actually having mild contractions throughout the entire ordeal, and when we woke up the next morning I was in the beginnings of labor and our son was born at 4:01 that afternoon. We remember it as being an awful night, but we can actually look back on it in a more lighthearted manner now! (if that makes sense) We don’t exactly laugh about it, but Liam’s birth story basically starts with “Well, Rebecca ran over the cat … and then we had a baby.”

  2. I was scheduled to be induced so I knew it was our last night. We had jitters and my nerves were going crazy. My husband got me Chick-fil-A at my request as a last meal. We watched Without a Paddle (random) and laid by our Christmas tree. Right before we left for the hospital (we had to be there at midnight) we prayed about everything which made me all weepy!

  3. our last night as non parents we went to a swanky engagement party. i remember feeling huge and under dressed compared to everyone. we watched a movie when we got home even though it was late. henry was going crazy in my belly … like moving more than he had ever moved, like he was doing the happy dance that he might get to meet us soon.

  4. Since I was in labor for a total of 48 hours our last night was spent at the birth center with me cat napping in the jacuzzi tub in between contractions all night.

  5. Our last night with just the two of us ended with a loonnngggg walk (waddle ;) ) around the block trying to kickstart labor. I had been in labor for almost 3 days before that and it had stalled. The next day at lunch contractions started with a bang and we welcomed our daughter at 4:13 pm! With #2 that evening had me mopping my floor lol!! Nesting much? Put the 2 year old to bed and climbed into bed myself just after 8. At 11 I got up to pee and my water broke! Contractions started at midnight and we welcomed our second daughter at 2:13am! Once my girls decided they were coming they wasted no time! :D

    • From the time my water broke to birth was 4.5 hours…so about the same as your first one! Crazy to imagine it could go even quicker next time…eek!

  6. Our last night as a “couple” my labor started at work around 3:30, I stayed until 5:00, stopped by the grocery store on the way home for rotisserie chicken and watermelon (which later came up during early labor, darnit!), then we ate a little, packed our hospital bags in case this was the real deal, and Matt had a whiskey and coke and watched TV while I stood in the kitchen thinking about actually having the baby instead of being induced in the next day or so while swaying back and forth the relieve the labor pains. About 9:30 I realized the pains really were getting closer and more intense so we took off for the 40-minute drive to the hospital and I had Forrest at 5:59am the next morning. I can’t wait to do it again someday!

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