By Kelsey on April 23, 2012 9

Our Weekend

On Sunday evening, as the weekend draws to a close, there’s an invisible sadness that comes over our house. We all feel it. We know that tomorrow, daddy goes back to work.

But it was a little easier this time knowing that he’s working a short week. And, Roo and I have plans every day!

Sunday also meant bath night for Roo, and Eric and I forgot about cooking and got Subway instead, and then we put Roo to bed and snuggled close to eat ice cream and watch a crazy documentary.

It was a good weekend, but it was busy. Lots of work around the house, projects, planning and organizing.

But first, Eric and I got a date on Friday night, thanks to Eric’s mom. We ran errands, ate dinner and saw a movie. We had a great, deep conversation on the way home. It was my favorite part of the weekend.

Other highlights:

  • Rooney slept her longest stretch ever–nine hours–on Saturday night.
  • We fell more in love with our daughter than ever before. We know she has changed us forever, and we feel a greater sense of purpose. Blessed, for sure.
  • A big Target trip, after which we left $300 poorer. Almost all of it was for Rooney; made possible by gift cards.
  • We bought Rooney her first pair of Converse shoes. When her feet grow big enough I will dress her in them with white tights and a pink tutu.
  • Our family slow dance in the kitchen.
  • The most beautiful baby coos I have ever heard.
  • Eric laughing so hard he cried.
  • A baby in a hooded sweatshirt.


  • Realizing our landscaping project is going to cost three times what we budgeted.
  • Not finishing a few projects that we hoped to complete. Technically we didn’t even start our kitchen clean-out/reorganization project.
  • The fact that our house is a mess and will probably stay that way all week. And I’m not yet fully unpacked from last weekend’s travels. Those things can wait, right?


I love my husband, my kids and the Internet.

  1. Looks like it was a good weekend! Those pink converse are absolutely adorable, as well as the hooded sweatshirt! Where have you been getting her adorable little headbands from?!

    • all the headbands she has were gifts, so i’m not sure! i have heard good things about, and you can find cute ones all over etsy, too. i am hoping to get her some more soon! especially some stick-on hair clips that work in baby hair.

  2. sounds like you had a great weekend! we miss all of you so much….i want to come down and visit very soon! miss you.

  3. Isn’t Running the Sahara a great movie. My husband I and enjoyed it so much. Another great one to see is Ride the Divide.

  4. Looks like a good weekend! Rooney looks sooo cute:) My future child will be rockin’ converse right out of the womb too:)

  5. love this!
    ( i love that photo of Roo looking up at you guys in her polka-dot sweatshirt. ) — so adorable. goodness.

  6. How was Blue Like Jazz?

  7. I think that one thing no one prepared me for when having a child is how many boxes you end up with!! Every birthday/Christmas it takes a few weeks of recycling to be able to put all of it out! After having the baby is the worst though, it gets better!! Love the pic in Rooney’s room with all the loot!!

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