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Over the Weekend: July 15-17, 2011


Date night!!! We decided we needed a night to do absolutely nothing but spend time with each other. For us right now, this means watching LOST. So by recommendation of some friends, we moved our king-size mattress into our living room to veg out for the evening. Here are some before and after photos…


Our living room is not as dark as our bedroom, so we both tossed and turned once the sun came up and eventually got out of bed and I made eggs and bacon for breakfast. About that time we heard from our realtor that there were two agents that wanted to show our house between 11 and 12:30. So we scrambled around to get the house ready then headed out to take some couples outfit photos and get some lunch.

I look better with my head cutoff, anyway.

It was Kelsey’s pick for lunch, so she went with her current favorite…Applebee’s.

After lunch, we got groceries then headed home. I had to pack up to head out for #brosday2011. A day with the guys was a gift from Missy to Tommy for Father’s Day. They are such awesome planners and had a killer day lined up.

I had Trish all packed up and ready to roll at 1:30. When Joey arrived, we realized we were separated at birth. We were both wearing the same jean shorts and a striped gray tank top for the afternoon bike ride. Joey is my fashion icon, so I copy most everything he does. However, the tank top was a total fluke. A tank top on a 90+ degree just made sense to me.

So we took off on our bikes. It is about a 6-mile trek to a small town south of Des Moines called Cumming.

We rode into the Cumming Tap for a few hours of relaxation and fellowship over a couple of drinks.

We then got back on our bikes and headed back to the farm to cool off in their inflatable pool. It’s probably best that there were no photos taken, just four guys in an inflatable pool.

After the cool down, it was time to start up the campfire to cook us some supper: brats, hamburgers, baked beans and some cowboy salsa brought by Michael. It was a man’s meal! Joey blazed the trail of experimentation and put the cowboy salsa on his brat. I had to try it myself. Yup. Delicious. And the beans, we just set inside the fire ring and then passed the can around.

We sat around the fire telling stories and watching the fire blaze the daylight away. It was a glorious sunset and this photo doesn’t do it justice.


Kels and I slept in on Sunday to make up for Saturday morning. We watched some more LOST while we ate lunch, but didn’t really do much of anything until mid-afternoon.

Around 3:30 we headed to Fitness Sports to get Kelsey some new running shoes. She has been having knee pain for years and we think some new shoes might help. She had never experienced trying on a pair of Asics before. I have had two pairs of the Gel Nimbus and will likely never buy anything else. They are like walking on clouds. I totally failed at capturing Kelsey’s face when she took her first few steps in these shoes. I also failed at photographing the socks that she wore at the store because she didn’t bring her own with her!

She didn’t get any on Sunday, though, because they didn’t have a color that she really liked and she hopes to find them cheaper online. She loves shopping online.

After the shoe expedition, we headed to church and then home for supper: pizza sandwiches. Then we settled in for three more episodes of LOST.

What did you do this weekend?


Husband to Kelsey. Father to Rooney. Follower of Jesus. Born and raised in Iowa. I like blogging. Bulleted lists excite me. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Love all your shots from Bro’s Day! I’m so glad you were able to participate (and thanks again to Kels for lending me Eric for the day ;-)). My post from Saturday is shaping up with a lot of similar, if not the same shots from our escapades…I hope you don’t mind!

  2. Josh & I celebrated our 1st anniversary over the weekend! My tennis shoes literally fell apart during our anniversary adventure, ziplining through the trees. I’m going on the shoe hunt this week.

    I like your mattress in the living room idea! We’ll have to try that.

  3. Wasn’t watching TV on the mattress great?!? I will say I am impressed with bringing out a King size mattress! Tyler and I did it again this past weekend too! It makes for a great camp out! :)

  4. I love the idea of bringing the mattress into the living room, but I don’t think our living room area is big enough to fit it into :( Looks like an awesome weekend!

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