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We are Team Williams. An ordinary family in Des Moines, Iowa, sharing real experiences in marriage, budgeting, parenting and faith. We tell our stories in hopes to inspire others.

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It’s Your Money What Will You Do With It?

We were a few years out of college with a brand new house we could barely afford and nearly $40,000 in debt. After overspending $1,500 one month, we decided to clean up our act before having kids and spent the next 23 months digging our way out of debt on a very average household income. This book will tell you how we did it and give you practical steps on how you can do it, too. Get the Book


the Family Playbook

The Family Playbook Intentional Planning for Your Family Life

How do you keep track of the visions and goals for your family? In the busyness of day-to-day life, it’s easy to lose focus of what matters most. Don’t get caught letting another year fly by without a compass pointed toward your families hopes and dreams. We created The Family Playbook to solve this issue. Early on in our marriage, the years seemed to slip by and we were left wondering why we couldn’t gain any traction toward the hopes, dreams, and aspirations we had intended. Start Planning