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By Eric on August 14, 2014 8

Last Friday I was reminded in three different ways that being a dad is awesome. First at the Men’s bible study. Second, was when Kelsey sent me a video about “How to Dad” (video below). And, Third was a blog post on Design for Minikind by Erin Loechner about a day in the life of a dad.

Being a dad…a noble calling of which we have a massive responsibility. The tasks are endless, the work never ends, and sometimes the rewards are hard to see. Take heart fellas and enjoy the awesomeness that is being a dad.

Because there will be days of craziness, and if you’re living in toddlerville like we are right now, you might even have a day like we had Tuesday. The morning started with a huge tantrum, and the evening ended with a trip to Noodles of which Rooney took one bite and then screamed at the top of her lungs. It seemed like it might of been hot or spicy, but it was neither. So, we boxed up our meals and went home. And…we’re still not sure what was wrong with her, but she kept whimpering all evening, and wouldn’t eat or drink anything.

In those moments we feel helpless. This parenting stuff is hard. But, for every day like we had on Tuesday, there are probably 100 awesome days. If this sounds like a roller coaster… that’s because it is one…

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By Eric on May 6, 2014 1

It’s official. The Williams house has been infected with the Frozen bug for quite some time. Infected to the point that it follows us everywhere. Rooney enjoys watching it on the TV, iPad, listening to the soundtrack in the minivan, and sings herself to sleep while lying in her crib.

Let’s be honest, it’s a good movie with great characters, and some great tunes to sing along to. And since we’ve been through all the Curious George episodes on Netflix at least three times, Frozen has been a welcomed change of pace.

One can only listen to the Frozen soundtrack so many times before the lyrics start to sink in. I guess I’ve hit that point. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, keep listening, you’ll get there too.

We’ve been traveling a lot the past month and the soundtrack has been on repeat for all of our travels. But, now we even have a new way of measuring distance by how many times we go through the Frozen soundtrack or movie…for example…

  • Home to the zoo: 1 Frozen soundtrack
  • Home to Nana and Papa’s house: 1.25 Frozen movies
  • Home to Grandma D’s house: 1 Frozen movie
  • Home to downtown – Woody’s BBQ: 1 Frozen soundtrack
  • Home to church (round-trip): 1 Frozen soundtrack

Frozen Family Photo

^ This photo was taken on a 1.25 Frozen movies trip to Nana and Papa’s (Kelsey’s parents)

So, as we’ve listened and mumbled through the lyrics near countless times over the past few months and watched about a dozen times as well, there have been a few lyrics that got me thinking. (I could be brainwashed, I’m not completely sure, I’ll let you decide.)

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By Eric on April 23, 2014 1

Saturday afternoon, Kelsey’s parents and sister’s family of five joined us for Easter service at our church. And her parents stayed with us Saturday night. Which meant Sunday would be Funday with Nana and Papa for our little Roo.

So, when it came time for them to leave, right at nap time, I hadn’t yet realized how difficult the next few hours would be as a parent. (Total first world problems.)

Rooney woke up that morning as normal, although she had a full and leaking diaper that soaked her sleepsack with urine. Not the biggest deal; into the wash went her favorite sleepsack.

The forecast couldn’t have been better! It was mid 60s before 9 AM and at about 09:30 we headed to the playground, and then back home to get Rooney’s trike (she calls it her bike) that she’s recently fallen in love with after weeks of being uninterested. So we walked around the block.

Photo Apr 20, 9 48 16 AM

The weather was more gorgeous by the minute, and we soaked up the beautiful Easter morning in our front lawn and made plans for lunch. Kelsey proclaimed that if we wanted to be practical, we could go to Hy-Vee (a local grocery store with a built-in restaurant), and if we wanted to be fun, we should go to The Cheesecake Factory.

Into the minivan we went and off to The Cheesecake Factory, where we had a great lunch and brought home tons of leftovers.

Photo Apr 20, 1 05 58 PM

Nap Time

The perfect storm was about to let loose as Nana and Papa said their goodbyes and nap time was at hand. Actually, it was a little later than normal, which might have had something to do with it…

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By Eric on April 1, 2014 10

God’s love is unconditional. And for many years I don’t think I knew what that meant. But now I know.

I know because I have a daughter. And while I’m not sure I can say that I had this unconditional love feeling from day one, I know that I have it now.


I know because she’s 2. And she does toddler things, like pushes me away when I try to hug her and kiss her. She says “No, daddy,” as she hits me. And currently her favorite person on earth is mommy. When I say that I can help her put her shoes on, she says, “No, mommy do it!”

And this hurts my feelings on the inside. It makes me sad that Rooney won’t let me help her, and it makes me sad to see Kelsey exhausted having to do nearly everything for a clingy little girl.

But as she pushes and screams and hits me, day after day and time after time, I feel God whispering to me, “See, that’s unconditional love.” She does those things to me, and I sit back and think to myself… You won’t win. You’ll never do anything to make me love you any less. My love for you is not based on the conditions with which you treat me.

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By Kelsey on March 24, 2014 22

photo (3)

I remember the exact moment we became “pacifier parents” (Rooney was less than a week old), and I would do it all over again even though she is now OBSESSED with her “dassy.” At this point it has saved us HOURS of crying, I’m sure of it.

But, like I said, she is obsessed. Her comfort items are her sleep sack and her paci. She asks for both IMMEDIATELY when I pick her up from daycare. She brings her paci in the bathtub. For a while we had it confined to the car and crib but at some point we lost control of that. I’m kind of embarrassed now when she has it in when we’re at the grocery store or at a restaurant.

Her dentist said to get rid of it by age 3, so we’ve got 11 months to lose it. I will say that she talks with it in and has advanced speech, so I don’t think it’s affected her in that way yet.

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