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By Kelsey on March 14, 2014 +


^^^ Rooney wanted to get some more “appa-sauce.” ^^^


^^^ Mama was out of Valentine’s candy. ^^^


^^^ Seriously, mom?! ^^^


^^^ Boom Chicka Pop samples! ^^^

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^^^ Let’s hope she’s this focused when she’s 16. ^^^

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^^^ In a sea of spray paint. ^^^


^^^ Grandma took this one…I’m told she wanted her 9-year-old cousin, Kaleb, to sit next to her, although you can’t tell from the photo. ^^^

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^^^ Bored outta her mind! ^^^

By Kelsey on January 29, 2014 1

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^^^ Killing time in Target. Eric snuck up on us and took this photo. ^^^

photo 2

^^^ A never-before-seen Rooney-in-carts photo that I found while making my mom’s Christmas gift. ^^^

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^^^ She was insistent on having her own cart and would not let me put anything in it. “Mommy comin’?” ^^^

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^^^ First purchase of 2014? A sledge hammer. ^^^

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^^^ We get very excited when Target has their buy-2-boxes-of-diapers-get-a-$15-gift-card deal. ^^^


^^^ We are making a teepee for Rooney’s birthday gift! ^^^


^^^ Picking out lights at Lowe’s for the basement. ^^^

By Kelsey on January 3, 2014 3

Today is technically the 10th day of Christmas, so I decided it’s not too late to post these great shots.

Last month I worked with the adorable and amazing Megan Schaap on a little styled family photo shoot! (And by little, I mean, it took a lot of thought and time and got a little bigger than I originally imagined. :) )

But, I love the result! Something about them makes my heart jump! They are so … real. This may not be our house (can you imagine living in a penthouse?!), but they are our faces and memories. Some of the props are also items that were handed down to me from my nana and mom, so they mean a lot to me. I love the laid-back lifestyle feel and am so thankful for all the work Megan put into our shoot. (I am also thankful that we had Eric’s mom with us, to help out and take care of Rooney when she got tired.)




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By Kelsey on October 21, 2013 5

As of this week, it’s been one year since I started my new job (I think I need to stop calling it “new” at this point)! So that makes 52 Wednesdays at home with Rooney. I’ve been hashtag-ing my photos and tweets to keep track of our extra day together, and I realized just last Wednesday that I’ve taken exactly 52 Wednesday photos in the past 52 weeks!

What amazed me the most is how much she’s changed in the past year. She was 7 months then (just a baby!), and now she’s walking and talking at 19 months.

Can I let you in a little secret? I didn’t always love every minute of my Wednesdays with her. There were so many times I was ready for Eric to walk in the door and have some time to myself. But the last two weeks, for whatever reason, have been absolutely heaven.

Even though it hasn’t always been easy or fun, these 52 photos represent moments I would have missed if I would have kept working full-time. I am so glad I got 52 extra days with her the past year!

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