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Prayer Requests

What have you been praying for lately? 

If you feel comfortable sharing with us, we’d love to pray with you and for you.

prayer requests

Our prayers have changed a lot since we did this last time. It’s really cool to look back at what we were praying for last September and January and see that God is listening to us and moving in our lives.

We’ve had closure on a lot of our prayers. We definitely want to offer a prayer of thanksgiving that I remained healthy during my pregnancy and delivery, and that Rooney has been a healthy little girl. Those were two of our constant prayers before she arrived.

Last time we also were struggling with selling our house. Well, our house didn’t sell, but it was still an answered prayer. God answered no and provided another way for us, and we know now that He was right (He always is!).

Our Prayers

  • Our reader Aimee who is yearning to find the right person to parent with and be a mom
  • Our reader Kate N. who is working to regain her health, pay off debt and get pregnant
  • My friend April (and her mom, Vickie, and brothers) who recently lost her father
  • Our reader Courtney who is pregnant and dealing with the sickness that comes with it
  • Our close friends who are expecting a baby and also recently became the primary caregivers for their 6-year-old niece
  • That we would find satisfaction in our work
  • That our family decisions would be intentional and thought-out so there is no regret
  • That our blog would be successful

We are excited to pray for you, wherever you are right now. Please leave a comment below and we will lift you up. (And if you’ve commented before, I’d love to hear how God has answered your prayers, or if you are still waiting for clarity!)



I love my husband, my kids and the Internet.

  1. I’m in the process of a divorce, and although the process has been very civil without hardly any drama, it is still the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I don’t wish for anyone to experience this. It’s easy to make life-changing mistakes in a matter of seconds; mistakes that no matter how much you beg can never be taken back. I’ve had to rely soley on God and the close family/friends he has sent my way to get me through this. I pray that this experience makes me a better and stronger person in the end. If you could throw up a prayer too, I’d appreciate :) And please keep your blog going…I check it every morning and love it!!

    • Kim, I’m praying for you! My husband and I have had a few friends go through this in recent years, and it’s so hard to adjust to an unexpected change in life plans like this. Just keep relying on God, and on the people that you can trust to lift you up and give you positive advice and support. And know that whatever brought you to this point, God has things planned for you – GOOD things. Much love to you today.

  2. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for a job for my husband! He got out of the army at the end of March and is still unemployed. Thanks guys! :-)

  3. Lars and I are buying our first home, moving to a new town, and planning a wedding! I feel overwhelmed all the time! On top of that, I need to find a new job in New Ulm, until then I am working my current job. We’d appreciate a few thoughts :)

  4. What a great idea! Would love prayers for my fiance, who will be starting the path to his dream job as a police officer next Monday. He has to go through an intense 16-week academy first, and as expected, he’s quite nervous. We’re praying for his health, strength, and confidence. We’ll also be getting married just 5 days after he starts!

    We’ll keep all of your prayers in our hearts, too!

  5. I’ve gotten to know someone over the last couple months. Her daughter is on my little league team and she has volunteered to help me coach. She does such a great job helping out and the girls on the team really enjoy her and I greatly appreciate her help! I couldn’t do it without her. She had cancer a couple years ago and beat it and she just found out yesterday she has cancer AGAIN for the 2nd time in 2 1/2 years. I don’t know her very well but I’ve had the privledge to get to know her the over last couple months and she is an amazing woman! She has 2 young children and they are amazing too. Both of them so kind and caring just like her. I pray that she can beat cancer a 2nd time and I pray for her strength and I pray for her family too. My heart is filled with sadness for her and her family. She is much too young to have delt with this once but now twice is just so hard to understand. I pray to be able to find the right words to comfort her and that I can help in anyway possible. Please join me in praying for her and her family!

  6. It’s been a hard year so far for my husband and I since my mom died in January. I feel peace when I think about God’s plan for my mom and for my family, and for me. But my husband and I are really struggling financially right now, and he is struggling to find fulfilling work that can support us. We’ve never experienced financial peace since we got married three years ago. We know that is due in large part to our immature mistakes, but there have been a lot of unexpected things – him not being able to find a good job, my mom’s illness – that have set us back. We just need prayer for financial stability and provision, and for hope that our situation will change. It’s so easy for us to feel defeated right now.

    Anyway, I’m definitely praying for you guys and your needs, and saying a prayer of gratitude for you and your kindness to your readers! Thanks for being so positive and uplifting. :)

  7. Will lift you up in prayer! I would love prayers for our family to adjust as I start back part-time at work and for the opportunity to stay home full-time in the coming years.

  8. I love this :) I shared the last two times that you did this, and it really was awesome to pray through the list, and to know that others would pray for me. Thanks for offering to pray.

    I am thankful that I have made it through a particularly stressful six months at work, and that I’m starting to feel like myself again. But I’m praying for God to direct my steps to something new. I believe in my heart, and it makes sense in my head too, that it’s time for a change. I can’t offer what I once could at my job. But I don’t know where to go or what to do. So I’m working through books, assessments, and a career coach, trying to identify all the things that help one make wise career choices. But I also know I need God’s timing and provision. Please pray for an amazing “next step” to coming along shortly! I’m particularly praying specifically to be able to work for a great organization like Compassion, World Vision, TOMS, Samaritan’s Purse, etc. (I worked for Compassion for 2 years and it was amazing, and I miss that global impact in my work!) But I’ll be happy wherever God puts me – I just want to be able to fit well in my job, and I don’t right now. Thank you so much!

    • hey rose. we’ll be praying over you — and the others — tonight. i just wanted to say i think it’s so great that you are being proactive and also listening for God’s direction.

  9. I ask for prayers not for myself but for my cousin’s family. My cousin Marisa and her husband Brandon have two adorable sons, Jackson and Liam. Jackson will be three this year and suffers from Kawasaki’s disease which has caused a great deal of stress on his heart as well as continual blood clots. He has recently received a shunt in his heart but it is only a matter of time before he needs a transplant. Please pray for him and for their family and for their continued strength and hope. Lots of love to you!

  10. Understanding why things don’t work out like we thought or hoped. I just received an opportunity for why I thought was my dream job and found put this morning that everything completely fell through. I just want to feel peace about the situation, it’s disappointing, but I know God is bigger and has better plans than I can imagine. Please pray for peace and focus in my life. :) you guys rock!

  11. Please pray for a greater understanding of God’s timing. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for a year and half, and after finally concieving about 4 months ago, had a miscarriage early in the pregnancy. we are back to trying again, while still trying to understand the reason we lost that little baby. please pray for patience, continued hope, and a happy healthy baby. thanks! will be praying for all of you as well!

  12. A very good friend of my family has been battling cancer for just over a year. Jean and her husband John are absolutely amazing people. My parents were lucky enough to move right next door to them 8 years ago. Together through the years they’ve traveled extensively all over the word and we all consider each other family.
    This year has been filled with many ups and downs regarding treatment and prognosis. Although we are all trying to keep positive, things are not looking good.
    I’m asking for prayers and positive thoughts. She needs them now more than anything. I also ask that you keep her husband John in your prayers as well.
    This is a very difficult and emotional time for all of us and I’m praying for a miracle. Its not her time. We love you Jean.

    • Allison-how beautiful. Dad & I are so blessed to have a daughter like you to help us through. We will always keep positive. Love you

  13. God has been using the phrase ‘Come to me.’ a lot lately. I mean A LOT! It was in my daily devotional reading last night and the same exact words were used from a different verse in my daily Bible reading! He is trying to tell me something, so I pray for alert ears, open eyes and a soft heart to learn all that He is trying to teach me in this season. Thanks guys! Love you both!

  14. We are currently in the process of selling our home in Denver and moving back to Miami. Doing all of this and taking care of a baby is no joke. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. Please pray for everything to go smoothly and for my sanity, lol.

  15. I just graduated and have been blessed w the exact teaching job I wanted,however, now I’m kind of terrified and feel overwhelmed with trying to prepare. Eeeep!

  16. I have 5 chidren and am praying they all find their way on a path that makes them happy and healthy

  17. Taylor Brommel June 12, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    My husband and I are struggling with the almost the same chapter in our life right now. We put our townhome up on the market last march, hoping to seel quicky to build our dream house and start a family. Well its been over a year and neither has happened yet. Its funny how you plan your life and think all the right things will happen in order so nicely and easy. However that does not happen for many people. We continue to ask God to help and guide us through this hurdle. My husband and I are excited for things to come together in our life. God it could happen anytime! LOL K

  18. I love that you guys genuinely reach out like this…

    First I want to talk about some answered prayers. I graduated in December (FINALLY)…and out of a super dark valley was blessed with a temporary position in February. I interviewed with several other companies in the field, but was ultimately offered a position with the company I was temping for. I know it was all God’s plan. The company is wonderful and has put me in a position to take care of myself and daughter.

    My prayer request is that God is showing and has shown me what I need to do as a next step. I won’t go into super detail….but this leap is terrifying. My prayer request is that God gives me the strength and faith to trust that he has both his girls in his hands.

  19. My prayer is just that God would show me his purpose for my life. I feel like I am going through life, day by day, just wasting my time here on earth. I want to do good for him, but I don’t know how. Pray that he would reveal this to me.

  20. Its funny how God works… you see- today was a very hard day for me. I had a bit of a breakdown.. I missed my daddy so much it physically hurt. I shed more tears and prayed so hard for strength… My amazing momma told me that we love hard and we hurt huge… perfect words mom.

    But I was so sad because I worried people had forgot about my dad (pretty selfish huh) – and it seems life was going on (as it should) and we were left behind in a very sad place. But then I jump online tonight- and read this. And I am honored Kels that you are still praying.. I think the answers to so many prayers are answered. For nearly 5 weeks I have felt the faith and prayers of so many people. I have had strength and been carried by the grace of God.

    So thank you… and I would request, if I could be selfish again, that you keep praying. I’m not sure this will be an easy road. But thank you for your continual prayers. We love you…

  21. Hi Eric & Kelsey!

    Thanks for posting all of your awesome insights online. I love the way you center your marriage on prayer and your humility in sharing your mistakes. It’s so comforting and really healthy for other young married couples to read (like me!). I also love how open you are about prayer and praying in your marriage and want you to know that it has been something my husband and I try to incorporate daily now. Speaking of prayers… We have 2 that we would like lifted up. The first is that my husband has been studying for his CPA examination for 4 years and continues to work toward passing the examination. If you could please lift him up in prayer as he continues to take these examinations, we would be grateful. We pray that he will pass and achieve his CPA and that in the meantime God will give us patience. Our other prayer is to help our family grow. We’ve been hoping for a new addition, but know that it will happen on God’s time.

    Thanks for your prayers, have a beautiful week!

  22. I’ve been dealing with anxiety over work and personal issues–which has manifested itself in a lot of physical issues. In that time I’ve realized that my relationship with God needs ALOT of work and I’ve been trying to get back on track by “getting back to the basics.” So, I would love prayer for my anxiety, that my physical symptoms/sickness will clear up, and that I will learn not only to lean on God in the hard times, but to put him at the center of my life at all times. Thanks guys :)

  23. I have one more if that’s okay. I get overwhelmed really easily and when I do, I feel almost paralyzed even if only for a brief moment.

  24. husband and i just started our journey through fpu. our church is offering it and im excited that our entire small group is taking on the challenge. prayers for our growing family along with the our group would be appreciated. i keep flashing forward to someone new joining our group and wondering how we are all debt free :) it makes my heart smile to start this journey knowing that it pleases God and that he will use it.

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