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By Kelsey on October 25, 2013 29

I did not have an epidural with Rooney’s birth. A lot of women ask me about it (especially the pregnant ones :) ), and after lots of discussion, I think having a quick birth is one of the best ways to avoid an epidural (if that’s your goal). Of course, a quick labor is not something you can always control.

I promise I’m not a jerk about avoiding pain meds. It was something I’ve wanted to do since my cousin told me about her water birth like eight years ago. I thought it sounded like the coolest thing! I’ve also never liked taking medication (I rarely take pain medication when I have a headache), so it just seemed like that would be my story. Some people run marathons…natural childbirth is my extreme sport.

IMG_8783copy copy

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By Kelsey on September 18, 2013 14


We’re not planning to add to our family anytime soon (I think we need at least another year), but I’ve been wanting to see all our pregnancy-related posts in one place for a while now (lots of my friends are having babies, so I’ve been sharing and re-reading some of my old posts!).

I know many of our readers are pregnant now as well, so hopefully this is helpful for you, too!

First Trimester

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By Eric on February 29, 2012 19

This will be my first time in a delivery room, and it’s kind of scary. I can’t imagine what Kelsey will be thinking…

Kelsey made me watch The Business of Being Born early in our pregnancy, and things became real real quick. It’s been on my mind a lot throughout the pregnancy and I’ve adapted the mentality that I want to be the best coach I can be in the delivery room.

I know I’m not an expert on how to deliver a baby, but I am an expert in being Kelsey’s husband. I know her better than the midwife and nurses know her. As her husband I think I have a leg up in the situation on how to make her feel better.

With the help of the birthing class we took, I’ve tried to equip myself with the tools I need to be the most help I can be for Kelsey while in labor. While it scares the shiitake mushrooms out of me to go through this, thinking about what she will actually be going through scares me more.

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By Kelsey on February 24, 2012 13

Delivery Bags Packed

My first pregnancy has progressed at a good pace–occasionally going just a little too fast or a little too slow, but mostly just right.

We’ve obviously been preparing (our house, our minds and our hearts) for many months, and now…

Now we wait.

On Monday I was 3 cm dilated and 100% effaced. Some people are wondering how I haven’t had her yet.

But we’re not wishing her arrival any too soon. I can do this for another couple weeks, even as uncomfortable as I am some nights.

It’s really quite thrilling–the not knowing when she’ll come.

We’re trying to enjoy each day as it comes…and each night wondering if it will be our last as a family of two.

The last night we sleep for more than five hours straight.

Baby girl, we’ll meet you soon! Whenever you’re ready!

P.S. I know we promised the nursery reveal today…but it might not happen until next week. Sorry!


By Kelsey on January 6, 2012 6

Remember how the 1st trimester affected our marriage? That was crazy. Thankfully, the second trimester was so much different.

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks from kelsey williams on Vimeo.

So far pregnancy has affected me more emotionally than physically. I guess I say that because I’m pleasantly surprised with how well my body has responded, and I definitely didn’t expect all the mental transitions I’ve been going through.

But things are really great, most of the time I feel happy and beautiful, and Eric really helps by loving and touching my belly. With each day we’re getting more and more ready for this little baby to arrive. I mean, we’re preparing as well as we know how, but honestly I just feel like we have no idea what’s coming or what’s going to happen or how we’re going to feel when this little girl gets here. It will be worth your money to stick around and find out. :)

P.S. See how my bump has grown over the past seven months.