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By Eric on February 19, 2014 13

“I wish I had time” = my weakest excuse for not working out since I finished the my second 20K on June 1, 2013. Yes, over nine months ago, and yes, I had to count it out on my fingers.

This has been a personal struggle for me in my adult life. I grew up playing a sport or training for a sport all year round. So, in adulthood, it’s been difficult for me to work in the rhythm of working out into my daily or even weekly routine. I’m sure others have struggled with this as well.

I deliberately didn’t make a resolution about this. Although, I will say that even before my 20K last year, in the middle of training, I told Kelsey that even if I said I wanted to, she had to promise to not let me do the Dam to Dam 20K again in 2014.

I had an amazing time training and running the first one, but the second one… sucked. I hated it. And… I blame the weather. Spring 2012 was abnormally beautiful, and spring 2013… not so much. And, the time it takes to train for a 20K is just not something I want to spend time away from my family on.

So, after eight months of not exercising and holding out on a true new year’s “get in shape” resolution, I had an idea in mid-January.

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By Eric on June 28, 2013 2

“What motivates you to always want to take the healthiest, most disciplined and the most responsible path in most things?”

I got this question from (one of our five) male readers a while back, and to be honest, the question kind of shocked me. He went on to say that he has good intentions but is frequently swayed by peer pressure and laziness.

The short answer is: I am fascinated by productivity and bettering myself, and Kelsey is a perfectionist and has always strived to do things well.

The Longer Answer

  1. Black and white. Every decision you make either helps you or hurts you. It’s either good or bad. Right or wrong. That sounds dramatic, but it’s true. You can try to muddy the waters with excuses, but every choice you make in life can be boiled down to that. Keep making choices that point toward good.
  2. It takes time. It could take 10 years for you to get where you want! But if you start now, you’re one step closer. With a big goal, dream or vision in mind, you must boil it down to the very first step that needs to be taken. Then the next, then the next. If you constantly focus on the big goal, you will be overwhelmed and never get there. It will remain a dream.
  3. Grace. Keep heading in a general direction, but give yourself some grace to allow for change of course. Think of it like bumpers at the bowling alley, they keep you from falling in the gutter. We believe in a God who has sacrificed so much for us that even though we fall short, we strive to do the best we can to honor him.


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By Eric on May 27, 2013 17

Remember when I told you I converted my desk at work to a standing desk? Well, it’s been seven months since I started standing. And for the last few months I’ve made some modifications to my desk that I want to tell you about.

While I still think standing is good, I’m really rethinking standing all day in one spot. No matter how much I moved around and stretched, I couldn’t seem to get rid of the extreme lower back fatigue from standing in the same spot for eight hours.

So, I’ve had to make some modifications to suit my (in this case) obnoxiously tall frame.

  • I lowered my desk height by about six inches. This allows me to use a stool to sit and rest. It keeps my monitors at the right height for viewing and posture (left photo).
  • I use a monitor stand to move my keyboard and mouse when I stand to bring my arms up to the right height (right photo).


Is this a perfect set up? No, but it was the best solution I could come up with at my current work station. Our desks are movable, but it’s not something you can do on a whim. It involves getting the maintenance guy to help out, tearing down everything on your desk and re-assembling. Read: not efficient.

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By Eric on February 12, 2013 4

Chaos comes in all shapes and sizes. And, Kelsey and I have very different ways of dealing with chaos in our daily lives. It’s been top-of-mind for us the past four months as we’ve encountered the challenges of both of us transitioning jobs and all the changes that come within the first year of being parents. We’ve certainly approached the chaos differently and recently we discovered that neither of us is wrong; just different.


We each have different strengths and different personalities. While sometimes it causes conflict, if we seek to understand each other, these differences in personality can also compliment one another.

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By Eric on January 25, 2013 3

About a year ago, we started a Facebook page called Williams & Williams. I was learning a lot about photography and thought it might be possible to start making a little extra money on the side by taking photos of family and friends. It started slow, which was good for us because we are clearly not professionals and were just learning the ropes.

Our friend Joa designed some pretty sweet branding for us, and with a little bit of thought and time, we had a part-time small business up and running.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 8.58.48 PM

It was a fun project for us to work on together, but as time went on, and as soon as Rooney was born, we had a different perspective. It seemed to be taking a lot of time, effort and energy, as most start-up businesses do. It wasn’t that we were afraid of the work, it was that the work itself wasn’t what we wanted to spend our time on. Family time became increasingly more important, and it’s pretty difficult to be flexible with your time when you have a baby and already feel that you don’t get to spend enough time together as a family.

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