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Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

Eric rocking out

We all have an inner rock star, right? I hope it’s not just KW and I. As mentioned in our fairytale, music was something that brought us together and still helps us keep the love alive.

Even before we started dating, we made mixed tapes (CDs) together. We call them our Innerconnection Kelsey/Eric Collection. We would burn two CDs, and each of us would keep one in our car. The first edition was created when we were just friends, and we continued to add to the collection as we dated. We would rock out to these CDs for months (remember, we spent a lot of time traveling almost each weekend to see the other one).

And then, as we discovered new bands, we would create the next edition. As our relationship grew and we went more and more places together, we started to create special edition Innerconnection Collections for traveling (e.g., Innerconnection Okoboji Collection, for our four-hour trip to Okoboji). It became a part of our packing list. However, now that we share a vehicle, we only have to burn one copy.

A few weekends ago, we skimmed through most of them (there are at least 10) as we drove back to KW’s hometown for a wedding. We had so much fun trying to remember song titles and bands that we have slowly forgotten about. Once I get this all organized, I will share them all with you on our Fairytale page.

So, that’s the history behind our road trip music, but let’s talk about your inner rock star.

Do you ever get so immersed in the music that you envision yourself on stage in front of thousands rocking out as a part of the band? I do this in the car most of the time on long trips.

I can’t imagine how this will change as we have kids. Either they will think we are crazy, like Russ and Audrey in Christmas Vacation (“Take it Russ…Fa la la la la…”), or we’re going to be on the verge of creepy, sort of like a family band, only with very little talent and just make-believe electric guitars and air drums.

There have been dozens of time where we arrive at our destination and I have nearly lost my voice from singing at the top of my lungs. I wonder how many people have passed us and think we’re loony for playing air drums or air guitar.

It helps us pass the time in the car, though, and it’s one of the many things I love about our marriage. Sometimes I feel like we are getting old, though. Recently we started to listen to audio books on our long drives. I’m all for learning, but I think this is a sure sign of getting older. When the music is too loud, I guess we are too old, right?

Kels, I don’t ever want to stop having rock concerts in the car. They are so much fun!

Note: The photo of Kels was taken while we were stopped at a red light. And yes, that’s her on lead guitar and vocals and me on the steering wheel drum singing back up. We were covering “Strong Enough to Save” by Tenth Avenue North.

Do you have any fun traditions with music or road trips?


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  1. Oh goodness, I could talk all day about my inner rock star! First of all, I did musical theatre for about 9 years so I love to sing……and I’m pretty darn good at it. I have a whole list of stuff I like to channel my inner rock star to, but my current favorites are Gaga, Edith Piaf, Adele, and (of course) Glee!! I should make a video…….
    I can’t wait to hear what songs are on y’alls mixed tapes!

  2. yes!
    i’m actually driving (by myself! weee!) to the middle-of-no-where-nebraska tomorrow, and can’t wait to SING. like a crazy woman!!!!

    : )

    i think singing in the car is good for the soul. since we’ve ditched our car, i’ve miss it,…and look forward to the times where we’re back in one. the huz is really sweet and usually let’s me listen to whatever i want. love love.

  3. When the kids are about 3 1/2, they will start to sing along if you listen to the same songs over and over. Our favorite right now is Taylor Swift. Rock on, kids!

  4. Ryan and I like to mix genres–like we like to take a country song and sing it as a hip hop song or vice versa. It usually gets us to laughing pretty hard.

  5. Uhh we won’t talk about what I look like when I’m in my room by myself rocking out to Glee covers.. the boy and I have always been long distance (going on three years now) and when we’re driving distance away we often make each other mix tapes, which also includes trying to come up with a catchy name. The best one so far was the mix Ian made for me to get into metal music, called “Metal Requirements” (i.e. requirements of metal listening AND met all requirements.. yea we thought we were clever at one point ;)

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