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Rooney, 5 Months


At 5 months old, Rooney weighs 18 lbs. 8 oz. (We use Wii Fit Baby Stats to weigh her.) Her thigh rolls are awesome and I love that she is so big!


She hit a growth spurt three weeks ago, while we were on vacation. She added one (sometimes two) feedings to her day (one in the afternoon and sometimes one in the middle of the night). It really threw us off. It lasted about a week and a half, and now she’s back to eating four times a day, at approximately 6:15, 10:15, 2:15 and 6:15. Of course, it varies a little with each day, but we try to stay pretty close to these times. We put her down for bed when she shows signs of being tired, usually 6:30 but closer to 7 in the past week.

We bathe her on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, and just switched to the big bath tub with a yellow foam mat. She loves to kick her legs and splash daddy!


She eats 8 ounces four times a day. Every once in a while she will demand 10 ounces. She is a very big eater. As I mentioned last month, she is on Earth’s Best Organic formula (if you’re new here, here’s why we’re formula feeding and also why we switched her formula).

We have experimented with solids a few times. Three times with egg yolk and once with avocado. We usually only get a few bites in before she acts disinterested. Which is fine with me! I think we will wait a few more weeks to try again. It doesn’t fit great into our schedule right now and is a lot of work to prepare (especially because she only takes a few bites and spits most of it back out). Plus, the more I read about it, I think I would feel more comfortable waiting until she is 6 months old.

If you watch this video, don’t mind my baby voice:

  • Well, this past month was so much different from what we were experiencing before. About 4.5 weeks ago Rooney starting going through the 4-month sleep regression. We went from getting 12 hours of sleep per night to very broken sleep. We have good nights and bad nights. A good night now is only having to go in there one or two times to replace the pacifier. A bad night was when she would eat once or twice during the night (she was going through a growth spurt at the same time). I think the cause of the sleep regression is that she is so much more active now. She will wake up and then want to play or practice rolling and scooting around her crib.
  • She sleeps on her stomach most of the time. Sometimes with her butt in the air. It is so cute!
  • No more swaddle! We knew she was done with it when she would fight it and get one or both arms out as soon as we put her in it. Add that transition to the growth spurt, sleep regression, teething and sleeping in the pack-n-play on vacation, we were going through a lot at one time. She sleeps in a sleep sack now. I like having her in it for warmth and because when we zip it up I think she feels more secure and understands that it is time to sleep.
  • Rooney typically takes two 2+ hour naps during the day (typical times: 7:30-9:45 and 12-2:15) and two 45-minute naps in the afternoon and evening (about 3:30-4:15 and 5-5:45). She is usually very tired and fussy when she comes home from day care so we have kept the evening nap, although it means we don’t get to see her as much.

Rooney is still seeing Dr. Tyler for chiropractic care. She is starting to hold her adjustments a lot better. A big piece of that, we believe, is the head/neck support pillow we added to her car seat.


She is wearing size 3 diapers, 6-9M clothing and 9M sleepers. She loves to get dressed and usually smiles when we pull a shirt over her head.

MOVEMENT (Baby Development)
  • Rooney loves to roll from her back to her stomach and tummy time. She has been working on scooting, too. She mostly goes backwards, and one time got half of her body stuck under our bed.
  • We’re working on sitting right now. She can go for 10 seconds by herself, but then she usually topples over to the side.
  • Her feet are her favorite new toy. Especially her right foot. Fascinating!
  • Hearing her laugh is the sweetest sound to my ears.
  • In the past month Rooney was able to meet Dylan, the son of our friends Garrett and Lauren, who live in South Carolina. They are four months apart. She also got to meet our friend Emily’s little girl, Charlie. They are 10 days apart (Charlie is older, although Rooney is much bigger).
  • We went on our first family vacation to Okoboji! Rooney got to see a lot of her three female cousins and experience boating.
  • She loves both of us, but at times I really think she is a daddy’s girl. She loves to look at him and follow him with her eyes from across the room.

I write these posts for my own benefit in keeping track of Rooney’s growth. Still, I know they are helpful to some other moms. You can also check out these other milestone posts:



I love my husband, my kids and the Internet.

  1. She is so cute! I love these monthly updates :)

  2. I just love her so much!! Can’t wait to see her tomorrow!

  3. Austin has a similar feeding schedule, except he eats 5 times a day and about 6.5 oz each time. i would love to move him to 4 times eating 8-10 oz!! but he gets fussy and doesn’t like to take down that much at once i think haha!! wow rooney gets some good naps in too!! A’s keep getting shorter and shorter!!

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous. And I wanna see the leg rolls! :)

  5. Rooney is just gorgeous.

  6. I was narrating her whole egg experience in your video. She looks like she really doesn’t like it, lol! Maybe she’ll like rice cereal more? She’s adorable and smart!

    • No, she didn’t! I think the taste of rice cereal would be more familiar to her, since I don’t think it really has a taste and then it’s mixed with formula.

      I’ve been teaching her to say, “…and I’m smart, too!” when people tell her she’s cute :)

  7. What a little doll baby! It’s fun to read these and remember what babies are like at that age…

  8. Is the egg yolk raw in your video??

  9. she is just gorgeous! i love these updates!

  10. I love reading these posts because even though every baby is different, and duh I have a boy, I feel like it gives me an idea of what to expect in a couple months! When did you first start putting her to sleep on her stomach? Or does she start on her back and just roll over that way?

    • Hi Ashlee! Thanks for reading. She starts on her back, but rarely stays that way anymore. The only time we put her on her stomach in bed is if she’s having a particularly hard time falling asleep, and we need to try something else. :)

  11. Hi Kelsey! My daughter is about 6 weeks younger than Rooney, so I love reading these posts and seeing whats ahead. How did you guys move away from swaddling at night? She is fighting it, and just started rolling so I think its time but I am afraid! :)

    • Hi Lauren! We were afraid, too! Let’s see…it came to a point where she was getting one or both of her arms out of the swaddle so quickly (like, before we even left the room!), so we knew she was ready to be done. We tried to keep going with it for a couple more weeks but she was starting to hate it. So we finally went and bought her a sleep sack. Mostly for warmth and some sort of sleep “sign” for her. I know some people “practice” going without a swaddle for naps, and ease out of it that way, but we just switched completely at one point. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about it anymore (she loves sleeping on her stomach!), but it was a rough couple weeks for her to learn how to sleep without it! Good luck!

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