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Support Young Families

This is a guest post by Bridgette Troyer. She’s a Christian, wife of 14 months and mother of two months. She writes about life honestly and frankly. You can also follow her on Twitter. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out our guest post guidelines.

Support Young Families

My husband and I did something that is uncommon in this society: became parents before our one-year anniversary, voluntarily. That choice spurred some pretty nasty sentiments and doomsday warnings from people who had no reason to give opinions to us.

We are a young married couple, married at ages 20 and 21, right after earning our associate degrees. Once we had insurance, we decided to pray and trust for God’s timing for expanding our family. Two months later we were pregnant. Now, we have a beautiful baby girl.

During our pregnancy we had great encouragement and support from our church family. Unfortunately, the rest of the world wasn’t so supportive. In fact, many times–and sometimes even now–we were essentially called stupid for making “that mistake,” or were told that we would regret getting pregnant so soon.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this; it’s not easy being newlywed parents. We are still discovering parts of living life together. Now we have another life to take care of and learn to live with. We believe it was God’s will for us to become a family of three when we did, and we feel blessed to be learning so much as we live.

I challenge you to support young families, whether it was their choice or situation that put them there. Build them up with wisdom, not doomsday warnings. Don’t steal the joy of those days from them with warnings of the trying days to come. Instead, be there to help guide them through with the wisdom you have.

Imagine being able to share in their joy with them as you walk beside them.



  1. Hmm…I’ve never heard of people offering that kind of criticism. Our first child was born two weeks after our first anniversary, and while we didn’t know many young married couples doing the same, we didn’t meet any adversity about it.

    We love being young parents and having our Pookie along with us. She just turned two and we’ve got another little one due Christmas day. It is hard, like you say, but it’s a wonderful kind of hard. My husband and I often wonder, “What did we do with ourselves before kids?”

    Congratulations on your sweet little bundle; it only gets more fun from here!

  2. I love this! My husband and I just got married (less than a month ago) and can’t wait to be parents. I definitely can sense the stigma of what people would think if we started right away; even now people say “you should wait, enjoy just being married for a while!” In theory, sure, but having a family is wonderful, too. We are putting our faith in God and trusting that things will fall into place when the time is right. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a right way or a wrong way, so I’m trying not to let others make us feel otherwise :)

    • What got to me were the articles like “100 trips to take before considering a family” and “Take these exotic babymoons.” I’m sure we would have had a fun full life waiting to have our little Alexi, but wasn’t what God had planned for us. I like to look at it this way, we’ll be younger “empty nesters” than most and maybe then we won’t be as money strapped. Exotic trips here we come ;)

  3. Great post! My husband and I married a little later; I was 25 he was 35. We married in Oct and found out we were expecting our first the January following! We had amazing support from our familes thankfully and we welcomed our daughter just 2 days shy of our first anniversary. God’s perfect timing for sure! Now Baby #2 is due a little more then a month after our daughter turns 2 and our 3rd anniversary! =)

  4. Amen! Our precious H joined our family on 3/10 and we celebrated our one year anniversary on 3/26 (thanks for babysitting, mom!). I can’t begin to express how annoying and disheartening it was to hear “wow, were you pregnant before the wedding?” and “well you guys sure didn’t waste any time.” My husband and I had talked about the greatest blessing we could ever have and the greatest legacy we could ever leave would be our children and we didn’t want to wait for them. Thank you for sharing this!

    • While I was pregnant I worked at a small town post office. There were some older gentlemen who liked to hassle me about getting married and pregnant so early. I learned to laugh about it, but I was amazed how down some of them where. What a joy to share in this blessing with other parents!

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