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Things to Do (for Yourself) Before Baby Comes

“Do something nice for yourself” is something that I keep seeing on my baby checklist. Sometimes I brush it off and sometimes I actually do it. While I have done all the things listed below, I don’t think I have gone overboard. This a really special time in our lives (expecting our first child) and Eric and I seem to understand that at a deep level even though we rarely talk about it. We have splurged more on restaurant and  quick-service meals (as our budget allows) and actually saw a movie in the theater for the first time in years.

1st Trimester

  • Have date night with your partner every week. Seriously. We did it, starting the day after we found out we were pregnant. I think subconsciously we’re celebrating the end of our time as a family of two.
  • Spend one whole day in bed, watching TV (I suggest Parenthood) or movies or whatever you want.
  • Get a pedicure. I went with my life group girls and it was glorious.

2nd Trimester

  • Sleep until noon. Or 1 p.m., if you’re an over-achiever like me. :)
  • Go to a late-night movie with friends. We had to prove it to ourselves that we could still do it. Ha. Just make sure to plan on a three-hour nap the next day…
  • Go to a marriage retreat. We suggest the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember, offered nationwide. Check out a list of the conference locations. If you register using the group name WORDSOFWILLIAMS, you’ll receive a 50% off coupon code for your Weekend to Remember registration (the coupon code does not expire).
  • Take a trip. Although it wasn’t a relaxing or romantic trip, we went to Washington, D.C., with my family at 24 weeks. (I would not suggest going any later than this, unless it is a relaxing vacation. All the walking was kind of tough on my body.)

3rd Trimester

  • Take a few days off work. If you can afford to, I got a lot of peace of mind when we had 11 days off in a row around Christmas, half of which were spent just the two of us in our house, nesting.
  • Listen to the quiet. I’m having more trouble falling asleep now, but I just lay and listen to the quiet. There is no baby monitor, no little baby fusses, no crying. It is so peaceful.
  • Sleep in!
  • Slow down! With all the baby classes, prenatal checkups, baby showers, etc., you’ll be attending, the calendar can get full very quickly. Especially in the last couple months. I made it a rule to not schedule too much in a given week. My body can’t handle it anymore!
  • Spend time with your partner. This could be date night, weekly devotions, walking, restaurant meals or whatever you enjoy together. We are soaking up every minute.
  • Spend time alone, shopping or reading or doing something you love, without interruption. Because change is coming!
  • Wait for a table at your favorite restaurant. Because it probably won’t be as easy when you have a little one.
  • Plan dinner and ice cream dates with friends. The last couple months have been filled with dinner dates and one-on-ones with friends. It’s a lot easier to make time for these now.

Things I Still Want to Do

  • Get a hair cut.
  • Get a pedicure. I want my toes to look good when I’m pushing that baby out!
  • Get a pregnancy massage. This is something I always thought I would want but didn’t feel like I needed until 34 weeks. Now I totally want one every day, but I’m trying to wait it out until I am full-term so they can go at my pressure points and maybe induce labor. :)

I suppose I should try to do nice things for myself after baby comes, too…that sounds a lot harder!

What do you think about push presents? Have you heard of this? It’s a gift the father gives to the mother before, during or after delivery. I can see myself buying a somewhat expensive clothing item (maybe a new pair of jeans or a silk blouse) to celebrate my new/old body, and I know my sister has a little something for me, too (the same thing I got for her last year). :)


Facebook Discussion

Facebook Discussion


I love my husband, my daughter and the Internet.

  1. I agree — paint your toenails beforehand! If you birth on your back with your feet up, you feel your feet are in everyone’s faces. (at least, I did)

    I think push presents are so sweet.

  2. These are such great ideas! I can use some of them – unfortunately sleeping till noon doesn’t work out as well when your first little gets up a 6 am. But I definitely took advantage of that the first time around! :)

    • So true. I am loving my sleep right now but can’t imagine how different the next pregnancy will be since we’ll have a little one to chase around!

  3. These are all great to do before!! After our daughter was born my husband would hold and snuggle her and let me have a looonnnggg bubble bath…aaahhhh! Just what I needed somedays!My sister painted my toenails before I had my daughter. I couldn’t reach or see them lol! I remember laying on my back, my midwife telling me to push and I was looking at my sparkly toes trying to focus and distract myself LOL!!

  4. I would add to that, if relevant: go to the eye doctor and the dentist, just to have both checked off of the list for six months to a year ;)

    • So true! I went to the dentist last fall so I’ll have to go again in May…while I’m still on maternity leave. Kind of funky timing since we won’t have day care yet…

  5. Oh TOTALLY get the pregnancy massage! There are few things more wonderful. Then go eat a yummy dessert afterwards… ohh, heavenly ;)

  6. These are such wonderful ideas, especially about the pedicure. I think that your baby girl will be the best “push present” of all! :)

  7. I love this Kelsey! Michael and I did many of these things beore the arrival of Thor and Im so grateful we did. My biggest adjustment has been getting used to not sleeping more than two hours at a time now because like you, II required a lot of sleep before his arrival. Im amazed how well Ive done considering and Im sure you will do great too but that ihas been a huge adjustment for me this past week :).

  8. All wonderful ideas! May I suggest something for after your new bundle arrives…postpartum massage. It was not something I thought of doing. My hubby wanted to treat me after having our second child. To be real honest, I fought him tooth and nail. I just wasn’t for sure about it. My body had already gone through the wringer, I didn’t really want someone rubbing my back. He finally talked me into it and even kept our son while I went. It was amazing. So relaxing…I fell asleep on her table.

  9. I love this list and am so grateful for it! I am ALMOST there…

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